Friday, May 27, 2011

Egyptian Revolution Song

This is one of the best songs to come out of the Egyptian Revolution. The video captures the mood of the people. We keep hearing about the "shabab" the youth who protested but really it was every age, every walk of life. This video captures some of that feeling.

There is a moment when a man is holding his cell phone and video-taping some sheiks. If you don't live here, maybe you won't understand the significance of the moment. He has a little Coptic cross tattoo on his hand. Do you understand? "Kullu wahed" we are one. This was not a revolution by a religious group. This was a country-wide effort from all the people who were fed up.

Today is another Friday and another protest day in Egypt. They say it might be a big protest. We never really know; we can only guess. So, we bought up some food just in case. No one else seemed to make preparations to guard against the worst case scenario (but that's typically Egyptian).

The call to the noon prayer is still in the future as is the time after the prayer. Will massive amounts of people take to the streets? Will the army push the mobs off the streets and back into their homes? Honestly, we all hold our breath.

One thing I do predict is that the Western media will spin the coming protests to make it seem like "Militant Islam" is in danger of taking control of the country. This is not the truth as I see it. People here love Allah Subhanana wa Tallah but they are not interested in gripping their lives with a tight fist. Egyptians love a life of fun times, simple pleasures and "live and let live". We co-exist side-by-side with one another.

Enjoy this video and see the world I live in. Let me know if the ending made you tear up a bit. I still get a lump in my throat seeing the Copt Christians protecting the Muslims while they prayed in the street. I hadn't seen all the images; maybe I'll never see all the images. This video does a good job of showing you what I can never accurately write to you.

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egyptchick7 said...

Yea this is such a great song...for those who understand it ( which I don't) but luckily there are videos with the subtitles and it really is great...

About the Militant Islam thing, Fox is pushing that more than any other news surprise...