Sunday, March 24, 2013

على_طريق_الله Ala Tarek Allah

Asalamu Alaykom,

This is the Mustafa Hosny show, "Ala Tarek Allah," from Al-Nahar.  He introduces me at the 32 minute mark.

I'll work on getting an accurate translation of what he says about me.  If any of you feel capable of doing that for me, I'd sure appreciate it.  

I speak for about five minutes.

You'll see pictures I gave the producers.  The first picture is me as a baby after my baptism with my mom and dad.  Then, you'll see my dad along with Mr. Boo. I'm disappointed you don't see the pictures of my mom and I; there was one of us at her church and one of her from our last visit to America.  Instead, you will see Mr. Boo and I under an Egyptian flag when we first got here.  You'll see me in front of the Sphinx and Mr. Boo and I on our roof with the Pyramids in the background.  You'll see me with kindergarten kids here in Egypt and with my first graders from America.  The last two photos are from when Mr. Boo was little.  If you keep watching, you'll see us with a tall, dark and goofy guy.

Of course, there was more that I said but it was edited down.  I hope that what was shown in the video is helpful somehow.

Let me know what you think and feel.


egyptchick7 said...

First of all, I watched the intro of the show and it was such a nice one! Second of all- your interview was lovely and I know you didn't initially feel confident about it but as eloquent you are with your writing in this blog, you are in your speech! What a nice way to instill dawah! Third of all- Mr. Boo is adorable, mashallah! And lastly I absolutely LOVEEEE your hijab...I want a scarf just like it- did you buy it in Egypt? Really nice :) Congrats on being on TV!!!

Anonymous said...

can't your husband translate for you?

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely smile and look so cheery! Your son is all kinds of adorable in the photos.

How did your husband and his family respond to you on the show?

Deanna Troi

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom EgyptChick,

Thank you for watching and commenting. I appreciate YOU especially because you've been there over all the years...well the blogging years at least.

It's hard to do TV and not get feedback. Theatre is easier, in some ways, because you can gage the audience.

If you thought I said it well, then I feel better with what I've done.

Agreed on my little guy...who isn't so little any more. Mashahallah.

His auntie on the coast saw him, by the way, on TV though I hadn't told them about the program. LOL! When it's in Allah's plan, then it's going to happend no matter what. She thought I had had another baby. LOL! Noooooo, that's the only baby.

The hijab was from America. I was given it by a non-Muslim friend who was always there for me. She and I met when I was 16 but she was in her 20s. She became a big sis to me. When I came to Islam, she was accepting of it completely. Alhumdulillah. May Allah reward her for her kindness.

Love and Light!

Asalamu Alaykom Anon,

My hub is a very good guy who cried when he saw the video. He's the same guy who got us to the U.S. Embassy and back yesterday. Can he accurately translate with nuances? No. It's OK. I've given up trying to find a husband who does it all. I farm out things that I can't get from him.

Love and Light!

Asalamu Alaykom Deanna,

Thank you for good thoughts. What about the content of what I said? You're a smart cookie so I'm curious how it struck you.

Mashahallah for my kid.

My hub, as I said, was really choked up about the whole thing. His family is really amazed and delighted that I had this chance. Not everyone has seen it yet. I've got the video now so I'm sure my husband will call them upstairs to view it before long.

Looking forward to hearing more if possible.

Love and Light!

Marie Kléber said...

Thank you for sharing it with us Yosra - I agree you spoke very well and clearly. I imagine it was not so easy to be on TV but you managed perfectly - well done!

You're so right when you said life is not about finding happiness but finding peace - when we look at you we see this peace and so much joy towards what is the most important thing in your life - your faith - which makes your testimony so beautiful.

PS - Mr Boo is so so cute!! I'll share why I called my little man Mr Pop, but you'll have to share why you called yours Mr Boo!!!

Much love to all. Stay in peace always.