Friday, May 22, 2015

My Neighborhood of Nazlet Samaan

Asalamu Alaykom,

After praying fajr, my husband and I both read until the sun shone brighter, and then he said to me, "Do you want to go for a walk?"

I do like to go for quiet walks in our neighborhood.  Here are pictures of another time we went.

El-Kid was still sleeping off a busy week at school, so I left him a note:  "We went out for a walk.  Be back soon!"

It only took two blocks before I saw this juxtaposition of barbed wire and flowers.  I wished that I'd brought my phone.  I don't even think of bringing my camera any more.  My husband handed me his phone and I snapped away as we ambled through our neighborhood next to the pyramids.

It was so early out on the streets that there were more animals than people.

This is my neighborhood.  Yes, I feel blessed to be here.  Yes, I sometimes forget to feel blessed.

The carriages were parked perfectly for a ready-made photo shoot.

My husband pointed out this door knocker.

I love all the old doors.

I love the colors and textures.

Someone spent time scratching out Morsi's face.

Doors open into possibilities and the symbolism is meaningful to me.

Morsi peering out from the faded past.

All of these doors will disappear some day.  I know that taking pictures of them today means that they will survive in this digital form tomorrow.

This is the wall separating our neighborhood and the historic Giza Plateau.  My husband, as a child, used to be able to clamber up the hill.  Now, there are cameras on the other side.

Love the unexpected patterns.

This is one of my favorite finds from today.  It looks like a fairy house.  

Doesn't this upside-down horseshoe mean that their "luck" is running out?

The colors on this street are reminiscent of an oil pastel.

I know you see the horse, but do you see the passenger?

My husband pointed out the camel that I hadn't seen at first.  Camels always seem to pose.

Gorgeous colors and art noveau make me happy.

It's the aged imperfections that grab me.

This was maybe my favorite door of the day.  It had so much going on with it.  I had my husband take a picture of me in front of it.  I looked too tired, so you won't be seeing that.

Glorious.  I only wish I'd taken a better picture of it---just cock your head to the right a little.

Do you see the cat?  It wondered what I was doing.

This is the end of the road.

Wait.  Maybe this was my favorite door.  Yes, it must have been because I took four photos of it.

To me, this is modern art.  If this was hanging up on a museum wall, you would see that as the truth.  Someone spent time perfecting this and those choices added up to an artifact of human expression

This is on the other side of the door.

Love this.  It is a locked door, but it has all these really unusual openings.

The last house next to the wall is slowly crumbling away.

This is not a great picture.  It's a memory that I wanted to share.  There are so many sights and sounds where I live.  There are constant surprises.  The morning had been so quiet--silent.  Everyone was asleep!  Then, I heard a bird-like squawking in the parking lot for the carriages.  As we got closer, I realized that it was a little puppy.  It was all alone---not a mama dog in sight.  I asked my husband if there was anything we should do for it.  There really wasn't.  You don't really help the wild animals and stay safe or sane.  I took this picture and we moved on.  Life has to be like that here.  This is coming from the same woman who was bitten in America by a stray dog she had tried to help across the busy street.

More animals!  The street named for pigeons was getting some chickens.

My husband started bartering.

Again, I am constantly surprised in Egypt.  I feel so alive and connected at times like this.

I thought this was a rooster because of the comb, but it was a hen.

There was a lot of swearing----to God, of course, that he was being offered the best price.

Our walk without any agenda ended up with purchasing dinner.

Look, I have thought about leaving Egypt.  I won't lie.  I have wondered if there is somewhere better for me...for us.  Even after I signed this year's contract, I applied for a job "back home".  The problem is that the U.S. isn't home any more.  

For one hour, I found so much to love in Egypt.  That's all I needed to find all of this---and it was right out my front door!  It isn't a perfect place but it's's our home.


Anonymous said...


Marie Kléber said...

It's what I miss about Egypt. I too love old doors. They are hiding another world. I love to guess what's behind them.
Sometime we wish to be somewhere else till we realise we're just in the right place for us.
Take care Yosra and Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family! said...

Asalaam alaykum

BarakAllahufiki for sharing your early morning stroll in your local neighbourhood. Your pictures and your words captured so much....and a lot of it is familiar to me in my neck of the in Algiers. I really enjoyed your post.....and your blog in general Allahibarek!


Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Anisa, Marie, and Evelyn,

Thank you for commenting.

Marie, I hope you get to visit Egypt again. Maybe there's a door you haven't tried yet.

Evelyn, it's nice to hear that you are enjoying the tour of Egypt and roaming through the blog. You are welcome back any time!

Love and light to you three!