Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rush Hour in Nazlet Samaan

Asalamu Alaykom,

It was right before rush hour today when my bus driver decided to take a shortcut through one of Nazlet Samaan's little side streets. He was going to hurry so he could drop off his last three passengers.  Around the corner he went.  There, in front of him was a slow moving, horse drawn carriage.  My little neighborhood next to the Pyramids is known for its camel and horse stables.  This was not what the driver needed.

At first, I only saw the carriage through the windshield.  The driver honked and I saw the real problem.  Walking behind the carriage was another horse.  He wasn't moving along with his master in the carriage with the lead horse.  This other horse had stopped and was standing still.  We were bumper to backside.

The driver wasn't having any of this nonsense.  It was Thursday afternoon and he had somewhere else to be!  He honked the horn, as if a horse obeys the laws of the road.  The horse just stood there.  After a split second, the driver honked the horn again and stayed on it longer this time.

The horse responded.  He slowly lifted up his tail and indicated exactly what he thought of the driver's antics.  The driver quickly backed up the minibus.  He waited at a safe distance until the horse finished his business.  The driver wasn't going to honk any more. The horse had the last turd word.

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Marie Harmony said...

Funny story dear Yosra!
Hope you and your family had a beautiful time away.

Much love from France