Friday, March 22, 2013


Asalamu Alaykom,

That's me on Egyptian TV.  It's not the big interview for Al-Nahar; that's airing tomorrow on Saturday, March 23 at 11 pm (and again Sunday, March 24 at 11 am).

This is me from January, 2011 before the Revolution.  I was interviewed for a segment on Cherifa Aboul Fettouh's nutrition show.  If you're trying to find me, it's about six minutes into the program and then twice more after that.  Yes, I speak in Arabic and of course it doesn't sound quite right.

Enjoy what you can.


UmnTimo said...

Oh MashAllah your Arabic is so cute!!! Seriously tough, your vocab and pronunciation is very good MashAllah. Is your interview on Al Nahar in English or Arabic?

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom UmmTimo,

LOL at ever thinking Arabic could be cute. Alhumdulillah you enjoyed it---however I sounded. Actually, I'm much improved since least...I think I am.

There's been a few aides and bus drivers at the school who can't understand me. Sigh...just when I think I deserve an "Ana kallam Arabi" sticker someone bursts my linguistical bubble.

The interview was done in English and I'm pretty sure will be shown in English with Arabic subtitles.

I just ran an errand in the neighborhood and told some of my peeps about it. REALITY CHECK: the little lady who greets me everyday doesn't own a TV. I'm not sure if anyone else will watch who knows me.

We are set to be walking around in Cairo tomorrow. It will be interesting if anyone recognizes me.

The last time I was on TV in the States, I was recognized in the bakery. The woman shouted, "It's YOU! It's YOU! I saw you on TV!"

I basked in the glory for but a second until she said, "I hate those advertisements."


Inshahallah this will go better.

Thanks for being there, UmmTimo :)

Love and Light!