Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 7 Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Kareem,

I had to check the hijri calendar because at this point I've lost track of which day in Ramadan it is.  One day after another has begun to flow together into this endless stream of waking, eating, praying, sleeping, working and repeat.

It is now the new normal.



I did try something I'd never done before for suhour.  My husband had brought home taymaya/falafel, but I didn't think that it was enough---not even with the cucumber and tomato.  I kept looking for something to fill us up and then it hit me...popped into my head, really.  POPCORN!  Yes, I actually popped a pot of popcorn at 2:30 in the morning and ate it happily with El Kid.  Of course, my traditionalist husband balked at the idea.  He was sure we'd be gaseous during the day.  We weren't (not that you were even thinking of asking).  It kept us filled up all day.  Alhumdulillah.



I should probably mention that these times I'm giving are only for my area next to the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt.  Each place has to follow their own prayer times based on the movement of the sun.  You can find that out by googling "prayer times" and the name of your city.

When you read simple explanations of Ramadan, you always see "fasting from sunrise to sunset".  The truth is that the fast begins BEFORE sunrise.  The beginning of the fast begins at fajr prayer which has to happen before shorouk, or sunrise.


One of the truly unfair aspects to be a scheduled person is that EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS your body follows the routine.  I couldn't sleep later than 7:30.  I got up and did the clothes wash.  This is a must in the morning when no one else is awake in Egypt.  The water supply reduces to a trickle later on.


I started Surah 3 Imran.  El Kid shared some time with me reading this.  It is his responsibility this year to read Quran on his own---and he's not (at least not yet).  He's got finals coming and that's the current excuse.  We all have our excuses why we can't read Quran.

Alhudmulillah that Ramadan puts our intentions to the test.  If it is truly our heart's desire to read more Quran then "do it later" is not an accurate action.  We only have a month---now, it's LESS than a month.  Time flies and we must catch the chance to become better people.

Today, my hub was in a foul mood.  I think his lack of good sleep finally caught up with him, but it's not like I was going to point that out.  Alhumdulillah, that I have stayed afloat on all the troubled seas.  My fast is too important to be brought down by others.



Right before breaking the fast, I remembered to call my mom in the States.  I call her every Friday, but I had lost track of time.  I called her and we got to connect for that minute and a half.  I told her that I'd been fasting and she understood.  I've fasted in her home three separate times.  At the end of the call, the azan for magrib began, and she heard a part of my life that I never want to give up.


My husband cooked chicken, potatoes, and macaroni.  No, there were no vegetables.  It was delicious, but lacking on the nutritious.  I only hope that we can buy some more tomorrow.

SHAH RUKH KHAN was the guest/victim on the prank show tonight.

Oh my goodness!  What a stellar guy.  I was holding my breath to see if he was legit a hero and he was.  He was majorly ticked at the reveal and rode off without accepting the prank as good natured.  Egyptians are better at laughing off cruelty.

El Kid and I studied for his science final while I cleaned up the kitchen, took clothes off the line, and eventually sat down on the couch.  This year has too much going on simultaneously with Ramadan.

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