Friday, June 23, 2017

Day 27 Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem,



pineapple yogurt smoothie
tamaya with salad inside aish baladi, pita



Prayed and I went to bed as soon as possible.
I'm really tired these last days.


Alhumdulillah, I finished Surah 7 Al A'raf.
I wanted to move on to Surah 8 Al Anfal, but the mp3 was not downloaded on my tablet.
I no longer have wi-fi this month, so downloading through the app wouldn't work.
I tried downloading the surah off
Although it worked, it didn't work with the app.
This is a bit upsetting since I had a goal to listen/read each surah.
Plan B is that I'll listen to the mp3 I have on my computer and read on the tablet.

El Kid and I had a talk about his inability to read Quran on his own this Ramadan.
"I'm talking to you as a young man, not as a child," I started.
He heard me and he obeyed (might've had something to do with a me threatening to take his phone).
He had the freedom to pick any surah and picked Nuh/Noah (pbuh).
It's only 28 verses.
Yet, he did what I asked, so even though my eyebrows raised, his duty was fulfilled.

"It wasn't that bad," he critiqued.
"It's the Quran," I reminded him.
"Ya, for the Quran, it was a good story," he went on.
I decided not to push it too much and offered, "Maybe you'll want to read more."

My husband is almost done reading through the entire Quran.
Good for him.
He upsets me, but he often makes me proud of who I have as a husband.



We offered some water for the mama cat and baby.
We're seeing them everyday and they are like pets, except they have their independence.
They're like independent contractor pets.

I spent some time writing to friends and reconnecting.
One woman and I haven't spoken since the second year I was in Egypt.
We had a falling out over a misunderstanding.
When I wrote to her, it was to make amends and get free from bad feelings.
She responded kindly and warmly.
It makes a difference; it really does.



After waking from a nap, I called my mom.
It's a day early, but I wanted her to pick up photos that I sent through
This is THE easiest way to get photos to my computer-wary elderly parent.
She was so upbeat and positive.
She had no idea that I was still fasting for Ramadan.
It's funny how out of touch my family is with my life.
I'll call her again tomorrow to see how she liked the pics.

I spent more time sorting through papers.
It's going to be a daily effort this summer to whittle down my hoarding.



I was more prepared tonight than last and was ready for the prayer.
My hub says the prayer so quickly that I get a bit dizzy.
The video below will show what I feel like with all that up, down, up, down.


My very tired husband made chicken, rice, and molokhia.

After watching Ramez, my hub and El Kid played Uno.  
I was busy trying to figure out the Quran Reading app.



We had the final three individual servings of the pineapple and cream cake.
My husband liked it better the second day.
There probably couldn't have been a third.

After my hub prayed, he went out to buy fruit and vegetables.
God bless.
He came back with grapes and peaches.
I'm not sure what all he got for veggies, but they are green!

El Kid and I got to sleep relatively early at 11:00.
We're all tired.
Seriously, living like this is tiring.
Alhumdulillah, it's only one month and not our whole lives.

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