Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 24 Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Kareem,

This is a mama and baby who needed water on this 40 degree day.  I've been putting out water and wondering if any cat actually was drinking from my offering.  Subhanallah, we give and it might not seem like anyone or anything cares, but they do!  When I think back on the times I would check the water level to see if any was gone, it was negligible because a tiny kitten tongue was lapping it up.  Mashahallah!  Such a cute scene.  

I showed the picture to my husband just now and he said, "Maybe that gets you to Jennah."  He was thinking of this hadith, a saying attributed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Allah had once forgiven a prostitute. She passed by a dog panting near a well. Seeing that thirst had nearly killed him, she took off her shoe, tied it to her scarf, and drew up some water. Allah forgave her for that.
Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 3143, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2245

Mashahallah.  How merciful is that of the woman who everyone else thought was worthless and good for only one thing.  Allah knew her true nature better than she knew it herself.  She was rewarded by The Most Merciful on a day when she probably didn't even realize that her simple kindness was observed.  Subhanallah. 

This lovely moment of mama kitty and baby kitten didn't happen until later.  The day started MUCH earlier and didn't start so lovely.



I woke up with a headache which is one of those horrible aliments you really can't shake during a fast.  I took some medicine and drank a coffee to shake it.

My efforts were made harder by the bombastic noise of our rollicking neighbors, a.k.a. Ahmed's family.  The family house has had its lovely moments over the seven and a half years we've lived here, however, none of those moments were at 2:00 in the morning.

We actually had the doorbell rung and I refused to answer.  I flat out refused to deal with my sister-in-law's child needing to rely a message as I was drinking my coffee.  Don't come a knockin' if this house is sleepin'.  That's seriously one of the worst parts of being that close to family; they are too close to see there's a BOUNDARY.

Since I didn't feel well, I didn't chow down on foul.  I ate two large barley crackers with baraka, black nigella seed, covered with cream cheese.  When I was pregnant with my oldest child, eating cream cheese on Wasa rye crackers was the only thing I could stomach.  This has stayed as a comfort combo some 23 years later.

I also cut up an apple, over plain yogurt and added a crunched up granola bar.



Thanks to the coffee, I stayed up after fajr.  I got a ton done that needed to be addressed.  Our "To Do" list for summer has kicked off!  The downside is that I didn't get to back to sleep until 9:00



I woke up about an hour after the azan sounded since I surely didn't hear it at all.  It was time to wash, dress, slap on some make-up, pray and leave for our first errand:  getting a new passport photo.  El Kid was going to stay home.

We don't own a car, which I'm actually pretty happy about.  It does mean that a simple trip takes three buses to make the round trip.  The buses have natural air conditioning thanks to leaving the side door slid back; it doesn't help much when sitting four to a seat stuck in traffic.  I always spend the first minutes making dhikr, remembering Allah on my fingers.  This doesn't mean that Allah will therefore protect me from an accident; it means that I am accepting of what Allah has in store for me.

Sitting home, is really so much safer than going out.  That's true anywhere, but it is especially true in Egypt.  So many weird things can happen.

At the photo shop, I had to wait to get my photo taken, which I had figured on, so I brought my tablet.  For the first time EVER, I turned on the Quran Reading app outside of the home.  I listened with headphones of course.  It was good that there was something meaningful to do, but I do feel that I was easily distracted---not ADHD level, but Short-Attention-Span-Theatre time.  I'm glad I tried it, but I don't think I'll be trying it again.  I'm a people watcher and that runs counter to studying Quran in public.

When we left, we did a little shopping at a Carrefour across the street  Just when we got to the checkout, the hubster thought to pick up some meat waaaaaaaaaay back on the other side of the store.  I had a place in line, so I stood there and let people coming up behind me to pass.  They thought I was being really nice!  It felt nice to be nice.  You don't get that moment staying at home.

I wasn't that nice when I talked twice to the workers to put away raw meat that was sitting at the check-out in the unwanted pile.  Seriously?  Do I have to be THE ONE to tell SUPERMARKET WORKERS to place raw meat back in the cooler?!  I'm not a good bystander.  I simply can't hold my tongue when I feel something wrong is going down that has an easy fix.  A lady behind me said I was right---I let her pass.  That's the deal, by the way, I say what other people think.

We started home on a bus.  I saw a sight out the open doorway that spooked me.  It was a very real reminder of what can happen to ANYONE when he or she is fasting.  There, on the pavement, was a prone body, legs propped up, and a crowd trying to splash water on his unmoving face.  Wallahi, I prayed that man was all right.  It was only a split second that I saw him---like that moment you're switching channels and see an upsetting image.  I prayed that he recovered from passing out and that he made it home safely again.  Ya Rab!

Fasting is no joke.  It can be extremely dangerous----especially in these hot summer months.

We jumped into the next bus and then sat.  I sat in this hot microbus, what they call a VW camper van, crammed in by our groceries, my husband and two other guys.  The air wasn't moving.  I started rummaging through my purse for something to fan my face.  I was not able to take a deep breath.  I thought again of the man sprawled on the sidewalk and warned my husband that I wasn't feeling well.  Alhumdullillah as soon as I spoke, the bus started moving.

The driver was mad---not at me, of course.  He was made that another driver had jumped the line in picking up passengers at the corner.  When that bus was neck-and-neck with him going down the street, he started chiding him.  It was not really the safest thing to do.  If you want to feel the safest, you do NOT go to Egypt.  Down the street we went:  a full bus load of people and a mad driver debating road rules and regulations out the window.  




That last noise was me screaming and grabbing for Ahmed.  Apparently, the conversation had distracted the bus driver (go figure) and he had drifted the side of the micro-bus into a parked truck.  The crash was the truck's mirror breaking off and thankfully landing on the ground and not in some passenger's eyes.

It's a good thing we were all fasting.  Only one older man shouted at him, and YOU KNOW that would have been different any other month of the year. 

"You are carrying PEOPLE not CHICKENS!"  was his memorable quote.

We got off at the next stop and we were oh-so happy to be going home.



When we came home, the mama cat must have heard us because down the steps she came with her baby.  El Kid came to the door to see. That is when I ran some water into the plastic container and then took the picture of the baby kitty drinking. 

Before we could pray, we had to put groceries away.  I was SO HOT.  I was scary hot.  I couldn't drink.  I made some apricot juice from the concentrate I'd bought (which is the way to do it, I've decided).  As I stood there, alone in the kitchen, I thought of how that big pitcher of cold water in my hand would feel cooling me down later.  LATER!  Not now!  I put it in the fridge.

After praying, I took off the hijab, and put my feet into a small laundry washbowl with the frozen icy blocks.  I turned on the fan and just enjoyed!

It was soon time for me to cook some pasta and vegetable soup.  my hub would then take over doing the chicken pane. I gave him the water bowl while I went out into the kitchen.  Sure enough, he tipped the bowl over and made a mess.  DUDE!  The good thing is that he didn't freak out.  Thank you, fasting!



The food was dished up and then we prayed.  It runs so smoothly now.  It's kind of shame to bring it to the end---we were just getting the hang of it! 


Everything I mentioned was appreciated.  Yes, the hub-o-rama liked what I cooked.  MIRACLE!

There have bee a few miracles today.  Alhumudlillah for the ones I know about, and the ones I don't know.

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