Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 22 Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Kareem,

It has been a sad time to be an American----no matter where you are living.  Even though I'm not in the States, I'm connected to it and probably always will be.  The verdict in the Minnesota trial of Philando Castile's killer came back as innocent of all charges.  The killer was shown holding a gun over a dying man, but because he was a police officer, he was allowed to walk free.  That was upsetting.  

After I had posted for Day 21, I found out the news and couldn't sleep.  I stayed up later than usual.  When bad stuff is going down in the States, I tend to monitor it from over here, as if I could really do anything whatsoever to fix it.  Staying up late meant that my schedule was off for the next day.



When I woke, I was really tired and NOTHING but NOTHING looked good to eat.  We are low on food as well, so there were limited choices.  In the end, I did a batch of popcorn.  Honestly?  It's quick, it's filling, and it makes you want to eat.  This time, I didn't add any salt and that was much better in the long run.  We also had our yogurt smoothies---but I hadn't put them in the blender, so they were more like bumpies.  Ba-dum ching!

Suhour doesn't have to be any particular food, it just has to be something that you want to eat before three in the morning, and there's not too much you really want to do at that time of the day.  It should be low on salt, sugar, spice, and oil; there won't be any liquid during the day to dilute that.



I went back to bed and slept until...



Yes, I slept like an Egyptian.  I actually woke up before dhur, saw the time, and freaked out.  I had done plenty of nothing, so I made up for lost time.  I did a load of wash, did some dishes, and boiled some drinking water just in case our water supply was cut.

El Kid had been enjoying his mobile games, and I had to pry him from his relaxation to pray.  Seriously, those games are addictive.  I had originally told him that during the fast it was to be off, but I caved.  I can't police him and staying fasting without losing my temper.


Surah 6 Al An'am


I checked back on line to see if anything had gone to hell in the States since the verdict.  Amazingly, there were not bigger protests than the one that shut down the freeway.

All the bad news made me want to escape, so I found some movie quote clips and I made one Ramadan meme (shown at the top).  It's from Tropic Thunder.  We only had seen it heavily censored here in Egypt, so it was a bit of a shock to see the real deal.

There's a lot in our lives that shocks us and we filter it out.  Autistic people can't, so that means that on one end of the spectrum, filtering doesn't work.  I believe that all of us are on the autism spectrum and the amount we can or can't filter determines our place---whether high or low.  Ramadan fasting makes it harder to filter, so it therefore helps us to learn what are annoyances in our life and eliminate them NOW so we don't waste so much time throughout the year blocking them.



We prayed asr as a family.  I haven't been seeing much of Ahmed, so it's good when we cross paths.  We really are like acquaintances rather than husband and wife during the daylight hours.  We're nice enough to each other, but a bit stand-offish.

He did like that I FINALLY cleared off the mound of papers from my desk and dusted it off.  Ramadan has that effect of making you hate clutter and mess.  Now that I am done with five years worth of hoarding materials for the eight different grades I've taught, I can release.  I don't need to keep it all.  It's drowning us and I need to reclaim the space that it has taken up in my life---our lives.

"Reduce my footprint," is a phrase I keep in my mind inside this relatively small apartment.  I shouldn't crowd out my husband and my son with my stuff.  When I pull back, they have more space to be themselves and we together have more room to be a family inshahallah.  Plus, with us moving in August, inshahallah, I need to realize what is going with us and what isn't.  If it isn't needed in Alex, maybe it isn't needed at all.

I didn't watch any TV the whole day---not even my home improvement show.

We had decided that El Kid and I would use the leftover rice to make Chinese fried rice.  Ahmed would eat it "as is".  That meant that I would have to do some chopping and some stir frying.  It came out really nicely.  Of course, I don't  usually taste it while I'm fasting---you can, as long as you spit it out and legit don't drool over the idea.

Stir Fry Recipe

I think you've figured it out by now that I'm not a chef---I make food.  Here's how I threw together our dinner.

First, I took out the leftover rice.  It doesn't look like it has any oil or butter on it, but it does, so really I had that ingredient as well.

There was one chicken thigh and drumstick we saved, so I took some meat off of it for the two of us and left the rest for my hungry husband.  I made the pieces bite-sized.

While that sat in a pan with deep sides (looking a little like a wok), I cut a large carrot, two zuchhinis, and a small onion.

I added a splash of light (low salt) soy sauce, a sprinkle of powdered garlic powder (because I was too lazy to cut a clove up), and a sprinkle of powdered ginger (because even though I love fresh ginger, we didn't have any).  Parsley or cilantro would have been great, but we didn't have any, and El Kid hates too much green leafy junk in his food.

I flamed up the pan to high and let the oil/butter (not sure which it was my hub had used the night before to cook the rice) saute the veggies.

Meanwhile, I cracked two eggs and whipped them up.  I heated up a small fry pan---like the smallest you'll ever see---and fried up an omelette.  Once it was done, I cut it in half, so we'd each get some.  In the past, I've put the egg in the rice and it weighs it down too much.  I like having it on the side better.

Because we had a small amount of rice noodles in the cabinet, I added those to a place I'd dug out in the middle of the pan, quickly regretted it, added some water I'd boiled, and tried to save the meal.  Eventually, it came together, but there's probably a better way to add those noddles than at the end.



I was so busy in the kitchen, the guys had to yell for me to come.  We prayed together and I'm so glad alhumdulillah that we do.  I really don't understand how husbands and wives don't pray together, or fathers and their children either.

We didn't wait until after isha to have dessert tonight.  My hub had made malabiya, so we gulped that down while watching Ramez.



REALLY good that we prayed before the lights went out!  Having our electricity and water get cut means that we live in a constantly heightened sense of precariousness.  Keeps me on my toes!  Alhumdulillah, I had insisted that El Kid get to bed and that's where he was when we suddenly had no lights.  I was not as fortunate---I was in the bathroom.  It did help us to go to bed early.  We were asleep by 10:30.

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