Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 17 Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Kareem,



We had foul medamnes, but it was a little too spicy.  My tongue felt numb for most of the day---until now!  When in doubt, go easy on spice, salt, sugar, and oil.  Fasting VERY EFFECTIVELY teaches you what is bad to put in your body.

We also had Nutrigrain bars of oats and apple which El Kid and I used like spoons in our plain yogurt.



It is a very quick prayer with my husband and son.  I wish it wasn't so quick.  My food is barely down my esophagus at the time I'm bending over and it feels awful.  

I went back to bed and got as much sleep as I could.


After leaving El Kid at home, I went on the bus for a day at school with nothing to do.  I had a long conversation with the teacher I had wanted to pass my theatre program on to.  She had hid from me the first hours of the day, so that was a pretty good indicator that she wasn't really interested.  It's too bad.  This program I've built up will die a premature death without a committed teacher.  My theatre kids, whom I adore, have just found this outlet and it's changed them for the better.  To pull it away from them it very sad for me.  It doesn't get me to reconsider staying---I'm definitely leaving---but I'm leaving with some concern for their well being.

I realized that I could use my time better than chatting, and headed to the wonderful school library.  I will miss it.  My new school is lacking enough library books and it certainly won't be the same as that big space with all the stocked shelves that I'm used to.  

Today, I went through the stacks looking for material I could use in my teaching.  I wrote a play based on one of the books.  I took notes on another.  Tomorrow, inshahallah, I will do more of the same and really utilize my time better.  

Tomorrow, inshahallah, I also need to straighten out the book mess.  I have books I must return, but books that I want to keep.  It's been confusing to actually buy them.  I might have to return the books I want and purchase totally new books which is REALLY wasteful and pretty pointless.  There's a lot of bureaucracy working in a network school:  things that should be simple, simply aren't.


It was time to get on the early bus and go home, but I was so early that no one was loading kids yet.  I stood there, under a flowering tree and realized how much I would miss the landscaped campus I've gone to for the last five years.  Instead of getting on a hot bus, I walked around and took photos of the flowers. These pictures are the flowers I saw.  Yes, it was hot, but it was also needed.  It's a way to say goodbye and to be grateful for so much beauty.


When I got home, I found out that my two guys had gone to Vodafone and re-upped our wi-fi.  There was a special Ramadan deal that if you bring your modem in, you get DOUBLE the gigas for that month.  They...didn't...stop...and...re-think.  Ya, they simply paid and DIDN'T GET THE DOUBLE DEAL.  Sigh.  Seriously?  I could have done a lot more for 14 gigas than 7.  Too late.

I didn't get mad.  I slept instead.


Another issue surrounding the wi-fi is how I used it to update an app.  I thought that updating my Quran Reading app would improve my Ramadan experience.  WRONG!  

Deep breath.  

Updating erased all the mp3 files of the sheik reciting Quran.

The whole purpose of reading on the tablet was to HEAR the Quran as I read---a first time experience for me.  Now, I was missed many megabytes of files that I would have to download.  Towards the end of my fast, I tried to download and couldn't.  I gave up because it was too upsetting.  I was getting a headache trying to deal with it.

I blamed myself for not thinking through the possibility that a change would result in an erasure.  I also blamed myself for not having READ THE QURAN WHILE I HAD THE CHANCE.  One of my favorite mottos is "Make hay while the sun shines," so I should have done better and read more before this happened.  I honestly don't know what I'm going to do now.



We broke our fast with our date and our words, "For Allah I fasted.  In Allah, I believe and with the food that Allah provides, I break my fast."  I then drink water, which feels GREAT, and we pray.


We had leftover mashy and my husband made orzo soup.  I had two...and a little more...glasses of juice.  It was too many carbohydrates and I fell asleep on the couch.



When I woke up, it was isha.  I had to get going on studying with El Kid for his English exam tomorrow.  It's pretty important to get a good English grade---but especially for the English teacher's son (my ego is involved for sure).  We ate pistachio ice cream (homemade from a packet with very little milk) while we studied at the kitchen table.

Any other day of the year, I would say that a mom who stays up until 11:00 studying with her kid is crazy.  Somehow, in Ramadan, the weird schedule seems normal.  As soon as we start to get used to Ramadan, the month comes to an end.  Then, the normal schedule we go back to seems just as weird.  Subhanallah.

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