Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 10 Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Kareem,

A Ramadan display in our school.  The words say, "Ramadan Kareem".  We also decorate heavily for Christmas---it just doesn't happen to be Christmas now.


Left over fitirah with apple and cream cheese.



It's coming earlier and earlier as it will.  


Today, I had to be at school even though I didn't have proctoring duties.  That was a real blessing.  El Kid and I could then revise for his math exam.  FOUR HOURS we spent pouring over his books and equations.  


Came home and my hub was fixing dinner.  That's also a blessing.  It was especially good because I had a headache.

I'm done with Imran (can't remember if I mentioned that).  I tried to read more of Surah Anisa, but my battery power was too low and I couldn't find the charger cord.  That is one problem with having the Quran studying on tablet.  Before this, I never had a Quran run out of power!

Fell asleep on the couch when I was supposed to be watching "Double Your House".  Ramadan is laying me low today.  That's OK.  We are not machines and feeling tired reminds us of that.



I was REALLY out of it by the time we could finally break the fast.  Alhumdulillah for the chance to eat and drink.  I do break my fast with eating a date saying, "For Allah I fasted; in Allah I believe, and with the food that Allah provides I break my fast.  I then have about seven big sips of water before praying.

Chicken and mashy, stuffed zucchini, eggplant, and green peppers.  We also had molokhia which is a kind of small leaf made into a soup with the chicken broth.

I waited until after isha to do more studying.  It's been rough, but not impossible to handle fasting and exams.  The easy way out would be to stop fasting, but really that would not solve all the problems----certainly not the algebraic problems!

Slept at 10:00.

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