Monday, May 29, 2017

DAY 3 Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Kareem,



Foul medamnes, second day of mashed potatoes, bread, and cheese.


Off to school for the second day and it was easier, alhumdulillah.  All of the first times in Ramadan are hard because we're fighting the momentum.  We want to be complacent and stay in comfort zones.  It feels better to stay home during the fast in many ways, yet the fast goes so slowly that way.  It zooms past at work.  Subhanallah, that I only have a six hour day!  

The kids are still complaining, although fewer are breaking their fast mid-day.  I had to scoot a group of girls out from the changing room as they thought that P.E. wasn't possible if they were fasting.  It was playing in an air-conditioned gym for a half-an-hour, so that seemed totally possible to me.

What's was hardest for me today was remembering to watch my mouth.  Our mouths are only limiting food and drink; we have to watch what we're saying.  That's difficult at the end of a school year.  I heard about people leaving, others getting promoted, someone getting a reprimand, someone else ...all the staff room gossip.  It's tricky to stay connected to people, but not to talk about them.

When I get home, I read Quran and then took a two-hour nap.  I woke up at 4:00 refreshed.


My husband made kamel kofta (I know that camel should be spelled with a "c" but it's hipper this way).  We also had salad and the leftover stuffed grape leaves.---well, El Kid and I did, but my hub still wouldn't touch them.  This time, they were served cold, and they are like a whole other menu item that way!  

The juice you see is dom.  I didn't  really know anything about it, so I look up some information.

After dinner, my husband headed to the mosque, and El Kid and I tried the other Egyptian prank show one more time.  It's a comedian trying to be Ramez and not being as successful in his attempt.  Yesterday, we watched it, and the celebrity singer passed out, which if you are wondering is a troubling time on TV.  It doesn't feel good to have a prank cause that much upset in a person.  Again, tonight, the celebrity, this time a TV host, passed out.  Why has this been allowed to air?  Watching celebrities getting scared from a man in a komodo dragon suit is funny, but a car accident is not.  If I find a youtube video of this show, I'll post it.

What else isn't funny is racism.

Did you see the woman that couldn't POSSIBLY be a love connection?  Sure!  She's the larger, dark-skinned woman.  See?  She makes the Egyptian man scared and want to leave.  Isn't that funny?

Please, dear Egyptians, don't ever try to tell me that there's no racism in this country.  There's not suppose to be, but there is.  You're getting Egypt confused with Islam.  In Islam, there is no racism, but Muslims (especially non-practicing or marginally practicing ones) make stupid mistakes that have nothing to do with Islam.

I spent the rest of the evening clearing out allllll the school books I must return before I leave at the end of the year.  I have given my notice, as I have signed a contract with a school in Alexandria.  Inshahallah, we are moving in August.  Alhumdullah.

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