Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 5 Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Kareem,

This is a street decorated for Ramadan.  It's quite spectacular to see in the wind---especially in treeless urban areas.  The wind rustles through the streamers like leaves.  They also create a kind of shade.  The jury is still out on the red streamers because they cast an eerie red glow.  These never get taken down, by the way, the strings eventually break, hang on the sides of buildings and the streamers simply wither away.

That's a metaphor waiting to happen!


2:30 AM

Thankfully, my hub got up...or never slept...and made suhour.  It was foul medamnes again.  Ramadan gets a little tedious around this time----always.  It just does.  The fun of something different and new has gotten old.  It's not that interesting to wake up early AGAIN and eat and drink quickly AGAIN.


3: 11 AM

I couldn't sleep after fajr.  It's not that I didn't want to---I had papers to correct.  For me, I'm not fully in Ramadan with being so into school.  All those late papers (okay, there were six) took me time to correct and time is of the essence in Ramadan.  Time always is so important, but you feel it more in Ramadan.

7:00 AM

El Kid stayed home for a second day.  There isn't much happening in revision that he needs.  Actually, I only had nine students in my sixth grade when two decided to skip.  One doesn't count as really being there because he slept for two hours.  I didn't wake him.  I don't wake kids up in class.  I hate to wake up anybody; it just feels bad.

1:00 PM

I prayed duhr at school.  I've been praying it there every day, but not not mentioning it.  Today, I went into the staff kitchenette because there's a small area next to it used unofficially for prayer.  One of the male cleaners was there.  This man is such a hard worker and so kind.  I feel that with every effort to hold open the door, or to assist.  God bless him.  I found an empty classroom and prayed there instead.  There is a small prayer space at the other end of the school, but it's in a hot hallway near the loud third graders.  My quiet, air-conditioned space worked perfectly alhumdulillah.

2:30 PM

I got home, talked with El Kid and read some Quran.  I'm STILL not out of Baqqarah!  I got too tired and slept.  I think listening to the audio of Quran actually makes me more tired than just reading it out of a book.  My hub was already asleep.

5:30 PM

I was awoken with the news that magrib was about an hour and a half away.  I prayed asr and then woke up my hub, which, as I told you, I don't like to do.

"What time is it?"  he asked.

"Five-thirty," I answered.

"Four-thirty?" he tried hopefully.

"No, five-thirty."

He jumped out of bed.  He was supposed to have been cooking dinner and hadn't!  This was a bit of a kerfuffle.  Ahmed told me that we might eat late.


Eating late is not a big issue normally, Ramadan?!

Lose patience?  No.  I did have visions of a peanut butter sandwich dancing around in my mind.  I put faith in my ability to handle it (because what else could I do).



I went to the kitchen, the placed where I'd been barred during his mad dinner dash, and got out our three dates.  That is when I heard the good news that dinner was ready.  The azan sounded, we broke our fast, prayed and ATE!  We ate the camel meat, rice, molokhia, and okra on time.  Alhumdulillah.


He just got back from taraweah prayers with ICE CREAM BARS!  Yaay!

Nestle Mega with blackberry has been heavily advertised on TV these days.  I love blackberry.  El Kid got one too.  They were the last two blackberry bars at the store.  He bought vanilla for himself.  That's love!

Now, time for isha and sleep.

Another day is coming inshahallah.

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