Saturday, October 22, 2016

May I Not Be of Service?

Asalamu Alaykom,

I sat there waiting my turn while watching everyone else have theirs.  They were all yelling so the employee could help them.  He was wearing his earphones while servicing customers.


Yes, really.

Once again, Vodafone Egypt was surprising me in a bad way.

This was a couple of weeks after I complained at a different Vodafone over the disgustingly dirty seating area for the customers.  I wasn't too happy about the thug life advertisement either.

Ya, I went so far as to take photos and post them on line.  I'm funny that way.  One follower on Twitter said that it must be hard to be living in the "third world" but I really don't feel Egypt is.  I refuse to treat it as such.  If I allow my standards to go down, then everyone will let theirs go down around me as well.   
 I took a picture of the staff member with the stuffed up ears too, however, I won't post it.  I took it in case he gave me any trouble.  No one else made any stink.

Every single customer put up with this behavior, even though, on some level, everyone must have known it was not polite in any circumstance and probably worth firing in any professional setting.  They put up with it because they felt at the mercy of  someone allowing them to use their phones and computers.

I'm different.  I'll always be different.  Many lifetimes ago, I used to be married to a man who told me (towards the end of our marriage) that he was always afraid I would embarrass him in public.  He was not the man for me.

There I sat between my son and my understanding husband (of six years) and our turn was coming up.  I leaned over to my husband and whispered to him, "Don't be mad at me for what I'm going to do.  I won't do business with him wearing those earphones."

My husband then handed the receipt over to me.  I could do as I pleased but he wasn't along for the ride.  I can respect that!  Although, it would be that much harder for me.

I looked back over to the customer service desk.  The men were done and the music-loving man at the computer looked my way.  I stood up and did the only thing I could.

From across the small waiting room, I mouthed words and gestured to my ears.  No sound came out.  I was putting my years of acting experience to use.  His eyebrows went up since he didn't hear anything.  I mimed again.  He still couldn't hear me (of course) so he took off his headphones and I spoke loudly and clearly with a big, friendly smile.  My act had worked!  Without saying a word of admonition, I had gotten those earphones out.  I walked forward to be serviced like a customer rather than an intruder into his "me" time.

I explained that our wi-fi wasn't working.  He tried to explain something to me in Arabic.  It was then that my husband stood up and made his way to my side.  We smiled at each other, knowing that I had gotten my way without making a scene or embarrassing anyone.

I had to suppress a couple of laughs during the transaction.  Turns out that our wi-fi account needed five more pounds.  We paid and left without me cracking up ----until after I was safely out the door.

Subhanallah!  I've had a couple of chuckles about it even now!  


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hilaaaaaaaaaaaarious! I, too, am weird in that way when it comes to stuff like that. Maybe us midwesterners just expect more out of our customer service experience!