Saturday, October 18, 2014

University Shootings in Egypt

Asalamu Alaykom,

My oldest son is a university student, alhumdulillah.  I worked REALLY hard to get him there, even if I haven't been there these past years.  Getting your child to adulthood is a looooong process.  When you start to see the fruits of your labor, you realize what a sad day it would be to watch it all go to waste.

My oldest son is in the States at a really good school, alhumdulillah.  I don't worry about him getting mixed up in the politicized climate at Egyptian universities, yet I know that there are strong convictions in him that might get him into trouble wherever he is.  If you are a bright person, striving for better, you often go against society.

At the Egyptian universities now, there is discord and it's not being reported by the Egyptian government.  It's mostly unknown by the Egyptian public. Here is a video taken on October 14 in Alexandria. If you recall, we just got back from Alexandria.

Whether news should or shouldn't be told is something that goes against my grain.  I am still American in the belief that all information is good information.  My husband and I have had many disagreements over me just needing to know what's going on:  in our family; in our house; in our neighborhood; in the country.

When I see what's going on here, I think about my oldest son.  I don't know exactly what he's doing and thinking because he's become independent.  I think how he is 20 years old and prone to strong convictions.  I doubt he would consult me if he were spurred to protest.  I bet he'd join friends to lend his voice and even put his body on a front line.

Of course, I wish that the university students could focus on their education.  If they REALLY want to change the country, become a leader academically and see what avenues that opens for them.  The "us vs. them" mentality is crippling this country and we don't really need to see it play out at schools.

Having said all that, a young person's decision to protest at their university shouldn't end in injury and death from live ammo being fired at them.  It shouldn't be like this.  It's sad that many people around me don't know, and those who do know don't care.

"They're just protesters," was the throw away line from a dad with two young children of his own.

I once had only young children but now that they are growing, I sense how my eldest are young adults.  I pray daily for their safety as they will always be my babies.  Any protester ever killed anywhere was once the hope in a parent's dream of the future.  Let's not casually dismiss the inability to protest without being shot at.  Let's not vilify those idealists even if their hopes for Egypt differ from yours.

May God protect places of learning all around the globe.

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