Friday, January 17, 2014

Half Egyptian

Asalamu Alaykom,

My son, El-Kid, is half Egyptian and half American.

I've never used his real name on this blog.  Instead I've used the pseudonym "Mr. Boo."  I've stopped using that.  He is now eight (and a half) and he needs an older sounding name to match his perpetually pushed-up sleeves and gelled-down hair.  Part of my decision to change his blog name to "El-Kid" is to equally honor the Arabic and English halves within him.

I like to think of him getting the best of both worlds.  I say that his ancestors both designed the pyramids and survived the potato famine; he's tenacious with a capital "T".

It got me to wondering who else is half Egyptian.

Hussein Fahmy

Born June 15, 1935 to an Egyptian dad and a German mother

You can see an interview with him on Al Jazeera.

His brother Mustafa Fahmy is also an actor.

He actually looks much better now that he's older.

Both are known for their blue eyes which is a rarity among Arab movie stars.

From 1974-1986, Hussein was married to Mervat Amin who is also half Egyptian.

I bet that their similar ancestry was a bond for them.

Jehane Noujaim

Born May 17, 1974, to an Egyptian father and an American mother

She is gaining world wide acclaim for her documentary film, "The Square," which you really need to see.  Here is the trailer.

Mervat Amin     صور ميرفت امين

Born November 24, 1946 to an Egyptian dad and a Scottish mom

Her first movie was Abi Foq El Chagara "My Father is Up the Tree," with the late-great Abdel Halim Hafez.  She was a star in the 70s and 80s.


Born in the 90s to an Egyptian dad and a English mom

Maha's bio on the her blog, "Little Farasha,"  says that she's the mum of three and the wife of an Emirate film director.  Living in Dubai, she started creating hand-crafted accessories for mothers and children when she couldn't find them for her kids.

Nadia Idle

Born to an Egyptian father and an Irish mother

I love this picture of her!  It's a real throw-back to the 1920's.  

She is the co-editor of "Tweets from Tahrir,"

which you can read more about  here and  here (you'll have to scroll down for the second link).

Paul Toutonghi

Born in 1976 to an Egyptian father and a Latvian mother

He is the author of Evil Knievel Days.  You can read more about him here

Toutonghi traveled to Cairo for the first time in March, 2011 with his father.  His account, "The Father of Heliopolis," really captures a lot of what it means to land here. 

Stephen Adly Guirgis

Born to an Egyptian father and an Irish-American mother

Guirgis is a playwright and screenwriter.  "Meet Joe Black" is one of his works.  You can read an article about him here.

Suzanne Mubarak

Born in February 28, 1941 to an Egyptian doctor and a Welsh nurse

The former First Lady of Egypt was always known for being beautiful and stylish.  She championed children's education.  Her husband was known for other things.

Wendie Malick

Born December 13, 1950 to an Egyptian father and a New York model

She is known for her comedic role in the TV show, "Just Shoot Me."

My unscientific search is pulling up lots of very verbal people!  The thing is that you only show up on the internet if you've made a name for yourself.  Obviously, there are many couch potato half Egyptians who have never done anything in their life but switch channels.  Those people don't get googled.

Although, I've just placed that disclaimer, I do see a common thread with this group.  They truly weren't complacent.  They were a little off from center AND they embraced that place they occupied.  

Do you want to add someone else to this mix?  Let me know in the comments section.

Light and Love!


Marie Harmony said...

You're right Yosra Mr Boo is not working anymore.
Interesting list. I have to add my own boy, half French, half Egyptian!!!

Hope all is well with you in Egypt. Sending you love and light from Paris.

Egyptchick said...

HELLOO from the most half Egyptian girl on the PLANET!! MEEEEE!!! Tee hee hee!!! We half-Egyptians are indeed very unique and special. I thought Wendie Malick was Lebanese, but alas, yes she is half-Egyptian!! I watched "The Square" last night, before knowing you recommended it. Truly powerful film, didn't know Jehane was half too!! Salam habipty!!

Party of 5 said...

I never kniew that Mr Boo (i mean El-Kid) was half Egyptian. I love diversity :)