Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Respect Rap

Asalamu Alaykom,

Sometimes a white girl in Egypt just has to rap.

Respect Rap

You say I ain't got no respect from you

Tell me, Honey, what I gotta do?

Dress in your threads?

Put in your weave?

Smile when I ain't got one?

Is that how you deceive?

See, don't kid a kidder

We all know who we are

You think I'm a good-for-nothing

but I'm a SUPERSTAR!

You feel real weaselly

like Buffy's Mrs. Beasley;

fake smile on your face

keeping the stuffin' in its place.

Leave me the hell alone.

Don't need to go and pick my bone.

Go find some slaughtered meat

it's not me you're goin' eat.

I fell ya breathin' down my back

where that knife you've got is at.

No, I'm not into hatin'

no need for you to be fix-i-atin'.

I ask Allah to give me sabr.

Bless my mother and my father.

Protect my hub, my kid,

and on my anger keep a lid.

You can roll on like some deodorant.

Go back to wherever you've been sent.

I heard ya but it ain't computin'

All your words just sound like tootin'.

I'm gonna keep on keepin' on.

Find out where I will belong.

Whether I'm doing well or going to hell

it ain't your job; don't tattle tell.

I'll see ya 'round and act as if

We haven't had this little tiff.

The best revenge by far

ain't to smash you with my car.

No, I don't want no dent

best revenge is I won't resent.

I'll live my life as I do please.

I'll ask for forgiveness on my knees

from you?  Ah, Girl, please!

I'll ask it from Allah,

The Creator of you and me.

Or, rather me and you since

I get top billin' on the marque.

Next time you be trippin'

remember not to go slippin'

up when you choose me

to try to slam because I'm FREE!

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Anonymous said...

wow! that's amazing :-) thx, karima