Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We're OK

Asalamu Alaykom,

News from Egypt isn't very good today.  Infact, it's horrible.

We are OK, alhumdulillah.  Yesterday, we made it out to the mall and finally got Mr. Boo's Ipad games loaded.  He's been happily absorbed in that.  We picked up some food.  I got the Mad Men Second Season DVD.

And...we're all sad.  There's the sadness about what happening outside.  There's sadness that my brother-in-law's wedding party might be cancelled.  There's sadness that I was supposed to return to work in three days and now what?

It's hard for me to call up my mom and tell her what's going on while being both informative and reassuring.  It was writing to my father that made me cry as I signed off.  No, I don't like being disconnected from my family during such a turbulent time.  I don't like being here at this moment.  I'm tired of Egypt suffocating itself with its own tear gas.

I am not going to update the blog every day to let you know that we're OK.  Check my Twitter feed.  I usually do tweet something daily.  Some of what I'll be tweeting will be upsetting.  Sorry.  It's an upsetting time.  I do want to keep this blog from being too fraught.  I've always wanted to keep it free from too much turmoil.  My Twitter account, on the other hand, is different.

Don't worry for us.  Worry is a prayer for chaos.  Instead, pray for us and pray for Egypt.

Thank you for any and all good thoughts.


Thankful Slave said...

May Allah Protect you and all your family and all the Muslims there...I would have a plan B ready if I were you and certainly don't wait until too late to decide to move to safety..we ask Allah for Protection against all the fitnah...

Valerie Serag said...

Salam aleikum dear, I am glad that you r fine. Inchallah the madness will stop soon.
I'll pray for you and everyone in Egypt inchallah. Stay safe!

Marie Harmony said...

Glad to know you are safe. In fact my prayers are with you and all Egyptians. May you and your family remain safe and may the violence end soon, so people can mourn in peace and the country could start its rebuild process. Much Love from Mister Pop and I.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that Egypt has to pass through turbulent times. I am sorry that regular law abiding citizens have their dreams, hopes and lives disrupted in terrible ways. I am sorry that you have to worry about what should be a given in civilized times, the bodily safety of your family.

I have sensed a feeling of disquiet in many of your recent posts. A whisper, a mere undercurrent of something off kilter. I cannot be sure I am interpreting your feelings with any accuracy, so I did not comment on your posts, even while my fingers itched to write and offer comfort.

I will continue to hope that your family and you will always be safe and Egypt will come of the chaos strengthened and cleansed in fundamental ways.

Are you anywhere close to where the action is? Has it been easy to stock up on groceries, medicines, gas and cash? Will your school reopen on time despite the craziness? What is your commute like, in terms of safety? Is your husbands commute and work place safe? So many things to prepare for. You have a home, husband and life in Egypt and I totally understand why you cannot leave. However I am sure that your husband and his family have dealt with this type of situation before and know exactly what needs doing and they will keep you safe.

Please exercise when you can, meditate to de-stress and spend time with your in laws family in a social way, never mind how loud or argumentative they are and how much you want to shut yourself away in the quiet of your apartment. They are important to your safety right now.

Please consider yourself hugged by my half Betazoid self and I shall enter this day in the Starfleet log as a day of discontent in the nation of Egypt on the blue planet Earth.

Deanna Troi

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Bro T.S.,

Thanks for dropping a line. It's been a while.

I do hear your concern. I know it's very logical to think of "Plan B" but I almost failed Logic in college so I have to stick to "Plan Be." I can't be half here. I'm not a half kind of person. I give my all.

I don't feel my blessings have run out here. I feel there's still more to be had. So, I'll be here. I can't imagine further than that at this time.

I hear you and I understand but I just can't think the same.

Best of Blessings to your families.

Wa Alaykom Asalam Valerie,

Ya Rab. Ameen to any and all duás. Really it's a strange time. I thought the strange time was done. I was done with it---but apparently not everyone felt the same as I did.

Love and Light!

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

Ameen. You are such a sensitive soul. I'm not sure if you could handle Egypt. It's rough during times like this. I've never seen so much destruction, devastation, and depravity. Astragferallah.

Hearing from you reminds me that there are also really sweet, kind and caring people in the world.

God's blessings on you and your boo. Nuzzle his cheek once for me :)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Deanna,

Thank you for knowing some good things to say :) I hear that you connect to what I'm going through and that you also know there's better. The world doesn't have to devolve into chaos. Being a mother and a teacher means that I have hope for the world. Inshahallah, I will do what I can in this country.

I'm not sure where the disquiet was. I am often off-kilter LOL so that might just be me and not the moment.

I haven't felt good here since June 30, when we got a military leader instead of an elected president. It's not what I wanted for the country. It isn't about WHO but about the process being aborted. Hey, I didn't love either Bush in the White House but I waited until I could vote them out. I didn't have a coup and then say it wasn't a coup. Whatever...not my country.

Thank you for good vibes from the stratosphere. You've got to see They Might Be Giants on youtube. I think you'd really like their science music videos. There's one on elements I like alot and one on the planets. If you're geeky, you'll like the learning/funky aspect to them.

You have a bizillion questions, so I better get to them:

Are you anywhere close to where the action is?

It got really close yesterday when the Governor of Giza's residence was burned. That's too close. I was a bit shocked on that one. Still, we couldn't really walk there from here. We'd bus it. The way I think of it is: if we could walk there, then it's too close. Generally, it has not been too close within Giza. The Pyramids are on the end of Giza and the trouble with the Nahda area (near the university) was far away on the other end (near the Nile). Still, I know these places; I've walked there and it's my world. I hate that my world gets shattered.

Has it been easy to stock up on groceries, medicines, gas and cash?

Groceries-yes, Meds-yes, Gas---only need the kind for cooking and since it's not winter, we're fine. Cash---well...I need my next paycheck. I am hopeful that my school really will pay teachers despite anything going on. My last school did but there's a loophole in our contracts (which I hope they don't abuse). I find out next week.

Will your school reopen on time despite the craziness?

Sigh...I'm supposed to go in tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the commute. It's not bad (about 30-40 mins.) and it is in the other direction. There's a Media City nearby that gets protested but I think all protests are done since the police will now be shooting real bullets. I asked about the September 1st start and was told it's on like Donkey Kong. I kind of can't believe that but my school is out of Lebanon and you know that country keeps life going.

What is your commute like, in terms of safety?

Just answered this. I'll add that I want one taxi driver lined up from this area to take me. My days of waiting for random dudes is DONE. I don't trust the deal any more. There's too few taxis any way. You could wait half an hour on my street whereas before they were constant.

Is your husbands commute and work place safe?

He doesn't work so we're good there. His oldest bro works downtown and it isn't safe at all. I don't need my hub to risk that. He's all I have in Egypt.

Thanks for understanding why I don't leave. I might write more about that another time.

You wrote:

"I am sure that your husband and his family have dealt with this type of situation before and know exactly what needs doing and they will keep you safe."

We all made it through the Revolution together. I have (unfortunately) that experience to help me understand the present. They are often counter to what I think should/needs to/must happen but somehow we all survive.


Love and Light to YOU!

Big Hug right back :)

Anonymous said...

As salaamu alaikum!

Aaaaaah yes, this was my first full day in Egypt! How the time flies mashaAllah.

Alhamdulillah the country has sorted itself out since then ... sorta.


Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam Sister Halimah,

Didn't you pick a rotten time to come to Egypt?! Wow. Subhanallah. This was literally the lowest the country ever sank. When the anniversary came around again this year, several expats here agreed that THIS was the moment we all thought to leave---but didn't.

Yes, things have worked themselves out...more or less. For some people MORE and for some people LESS. Alhumdulillah, we've been blessed with more and I pray for those who have suffered through this time.

Let's hope that somehow the world evolves.

Love and light to you and yours!