Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ramadan Action: The New Normal

Asalamu Alaykom,

Mashallah!  Miri from Romania during Eid Prayer

Our Ramadan fasting is done.  D-O-N-E.  DONE!

An iman said that he knew we were all sad it was done.  Really?  I'm not.  It was a time and it's done.  While talking to my husband today, I likened Ramadan to the trip we took in Spring (someday I really will post those pictures).  It's good to go on the journey AND it's good to come back home.

When you come back to earth from all those lofty moments of being away, you realize that life is different or you're different.  Something is different.  Maybe both life and the traveler are changed for the experience.  It's never going to be exactly the same as it used to be.  You see things differently and feel things differently.  There's a greater appreciation for what you took for granted.  There's a need for improving the little home around you to be a bit more like the world you found and appreciated.

It is time for the "new normal".  I didn't coin that phrase.  It came on an info sheet from the hospital 19 years ago when I was handed a newborn baby and told, "Good Luck."  I pinned it to the bulletin board and it made me laugh a couple of times (usually involving some amounts of extreme sleep deprivation).  "New normal," I'd say to myself in the rocking chair at 3 am.

Miri again

I just realized, "New Normal" is also the name of an NBC show.  Go figure!

What that phrase means to me is that we find ways of adjusting to change and we incorporate who we were into who we have to be now.  No one snaps their fingers and becomes a "good mom" or a "good Muslim" for that matter.  It's a process.  We have to honor the process and love ourselves for finding that "new normal".

Eid in Tahrir Square, Egypt

As you celebrate Eid, don't leave all of Ramadan behind you.  Allow the time to continue to work on you and for you to continue improving.  Be better.  Somehow, take with you an aspect of yourself that you like better than who you were before Ramadan.  Inshahallah, you can do that and I hope I can too.

Wishing all of you sincere happiness emanating from deep peace.

Eid in Egypt

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