Friday, July 12, 2013

Ramadan Action: You Ain't Got No Quran

Asalamu Alaykom and Jummah Mabrook,

I love this quote which I first saw posted by Yusha Evans:

"What would happen if we treated The Quran the way we treat a cell phone?  Carried it around everywhere we go?  Constantly looked at it many times a day?  Or, we rush back to go get it, if we left it?  Use Quran to receive messages from the text?  Act like we can't live without it?  Give it to children as gifts?  Use it when we travel?  Use it in emergencies?  This is something to make you go, 'Hey!  Where's my Quran?'

There is a way you can have both.  You can have Quran on your phone.  That's what I'm working on this week.  I bought a new phone which has a slot for an extra memory card.  Inshahallah, the mp3 files I have of Sheik Muhamad Jebril will be loaded onto my new mobile.  It is an expense, yet when I think of how important it is for me to hear Quran while I'm traveling to and from school, it is a small investment in my well being.

Do you have Quran on your phone?

If so, when do you find yourself using it?

Are there any unexpected benefits to having it?

What recommendations do you have for others?

A really sobering thought for me is how the early Muslims (blessings upon them), lived and died to receive messages of the Quran.  We live in an age where we have easy access to it, but we don't utilize it like we would...a phone.

Since it is Friday, I want to leave you with some food for thought.  It's not a khutba.  Imam Suhaib Webb is shown on a American CBS news panel discussion from March 31, 2013.  Alhumdulillah, he represents Islam well.  What's great is that you get a feel for the real  possibility of interfaith dialogue.  Though there is a bump in the last minutes, even that tense moment gets resolved.  Alhumdulillah.  No matter your faith, you will appreciate what this dedicated group of faith practitioners has to say.

May Allah accept all your efforts.

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