Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ramadan Action: Attack the Piles

Asalamu Alaykom,

I had to laugh when I read this blog posting from a teacher.

Here's what I left in her comments section:

Asalamu Alaykom,

Hate to tell you, but it doesn't get any better in Egypt! My last day of teaching was June 27 and I've got paper mountains yet to climb. I switched schools and grade levels this year so I made it my goal to sort through all my teaching materials. It's just been too many years of stashing and not sorting through. So far, I've discovered that they can take up a third of the living room floor. With my husband's patience waning, I think I'd better make more of an effort.

Also, I read this HORRIBLE article about a hoarder in Minnesota who died in a fire at his house. Basically, his piles killed him! I can't have things consume my life. I need my house for people not stuff. That story is pushing me to not see my piles as harmless. I need to get some control over them STAT. 

"Piles," by the way are what the British call hemorrhoids. I find that very accurate since these piles around our homes are really a pain in the ...well...I'll stop there.

Thanks for being so honest! And to think I was only coming here to look for figurative language posters!

If you go to that link for that news story, you'll see a video as well.  It is gripping.  You can't look at all those papers and books and still feel the same about yours.  Collecting is not the same as hoarding.  

Unfortunately, there's a little bit of a hoarder in me.  Book lovers are hoarders in disguise!  Teachers are one of the best professions to get into if you want to indulge in hoarding.  "I need to save those displays!  I can't throw out those worksheets!  I might need that realia some day!"

It's such a countrywide problem that A&E has a whole show for this.  You can find out more about it here. The videos aren't loading but you can search around for more.  There are "before and after" photos but I'll warn you that some of them are rather upsetting.  If you're sliding into a life of hoarding, it's not a bad idea to get "scared straight" by the startling sight.  No, your home might not be as bad as that but chances are that you have a few piles as well. 

Oprah has also done shows on this issue.  She has a British expert, Peter Walsh, deal with all aspects of the problem.  No, it isn't all about organizing the stuff;  a lot of it is psychological.  YES, you need to let go---of things, people and the past.  You have to make a house primarily for people NOT for things.  Go to her website for a wealth of information.

For me, I've been asking:
  • I valued this once but does this still help me?
  • Does this keep good energy in my home or does it bring bad energy?  If a emotionally draining thought or story is immediately triggered by an object, then it needs to go.
  • If I'm not using this, can someone else use this as a blessing?  If it is no longer a blessing to anyone, then it needs to be thrown away.
  • Can I free up needed space or sense of self by getting ride of this?

During Ramadan, I see better.  I hate disorder.  I can't eat suhour in a messy kitchen.  I can't throw things in a pile for later.  I'm in attack mode.  Not only do I want my inner being cleaner; I want my surroundings to be cleaner.

I can't handle it all in one day.  It's a HUGE job!  It's not only the physical element of shifting things around. There's a mental component when you come across a trigger to memories or bad feelings.  Ramadan is the best time to combat all of that.  It's a freeing up from dunya and the belief of more MORE MORE!

Inshahallah, you can make your life cleaner during the month of fresh starts.


Ishrat Hussain Mohammad said...

You has written that,

" Does this keep good energy in my home or does it bring bad energy?".

I agreee that cleaning the house is very good, and throwing the waste books and papers from the home is very good, But I do not agree with the concept of Good Energy and Bad Energy, as you has written, There is no such thing in existance according to Islam.
Rather there are Angels of Rahma who enters the houses and They do not enter a house where there are Dogs and Pictures(Images).

I do not believe in positive Energy and negative Energy sort of rubbish.

iremi nisces said...

I have a message come have a look Ramadhan Kareem!

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Br. Ishrat,

Welcome to the blog. I don't get too many men stopping by...that I know of. Maybe they are just too intimidated to comment. So, having said that, it's nice that you commented. I do appreciate you taking the time to read and to voice your thoughts.

Thoughts are powerful things. We can't see them but we can feel them. Islam teaches us that there is a world of the unseen. You agree with me on that, right?

When I look at a woman, I might not always see her actual appearance because there is such light shining outwardly from her. She radiantly beautiful---even if she's wrinkly and missing teeth. She's got the Noor of Islam. You've seen that, yes? There's a power in goodness. It does shine.

By the same token, there can be an incredibly handsome man who is frightening to behold because he's carrying some dark thoughts. I could have used a woman again for this example. Lebanese singer Haifa is incredibly gorgeous---perfect in every way yet I can't bear to watch her. She's too dark.

You believe in the evil eye, right? That's part of Islam. It's unseen when someone shoots out jealous or envious energy towards another person. Surah Al-Falaq talks about it.

I keep using the term "energy" but maybe there's another term you'd agree to. In any case, I do believe that there is an unseen element to our lives and Islam agrees with me.

Perhaps you heard people who weren't Muslim using the terms. Not everything outside of the standard Muslim terminology is wrong. We can be straight but not narrow on our path. We can hear what others have to say and agree that we're describing the same thing.

One thing I'm going to ask is that you don't attempt to make your point by putting down other viewpoints. "Rubbish" is not conducive language in a dialogue. Dawah, the spread of Islam, will never happen from hitting others over the head. Be gentle and you'll be happier and better at dawah.

Ramadan Kareem!

Asalamu Alaykom Iremi,

It looks like you are wishing us Ramadan Kareem on your blog. Thanks for that and right back at ya!