Friday, May 24, 2013

Breaking News

Asalamu Alaykom,

Over the past month, all of us have heard the breaking news about yet another act of barbaric terror.  What absolutely breaks our hearts is that the perpetrators call themselves Muslim.

It is not for me to decide who is Muslim and who is not.  What I can say is that the killing of innocent lives is haram; against Islam.  Allah is The Only Judge.

For those who act as judge, jury and executioner, there's too much right and wrong; black and white; good and bad.  We are not the people of dichotomy.  We are gray.  No one is an angel.  We are the strangers of this world who don't fit neatly into someone else's category.  We do our best and yet fear we haven't done enough.  We strive.  We hope.  We don't hurt.

I haven't wanted to write about the violence because I need peace.  We all need peace actually.  Focusing too much attention on the problem becomes problematic in itself.  I might send out a tweet but I didn't want to write a blog posting.

So, I kept focusing on building my life and supporting my family.  I kept going into work and teaching children.  I took a vacation.  I needed to stay on my straight path and not get distracted.

Yet, it has become increasingly clear that we all need to speak up.  We can't keep going without telling the world that we won't allow violence.  We don't condone killing.  We will not support segmenting society into divisive armies.

This stand against violence starts within ourselves.  We will not self-harm.  We will not harm others.  We will not raise our children to be haters and bullies.  We will not be abusive to our spouses.  We will not be crude and rude to our friends or behind their backs.

We need to reach out.  We have members in our communities who need a word of kindness.  We have acquaintances in our sphere who would love a better chance to get to know us.  We have family members who are estranged from us.

There are many evils knocking at our door.  KEEP THAT DOOR SHUT.  You know the movies, the stories, the sites, the jokes and you know that a mind full of garbage can't grow and change.  If you hear that nagging voice in your head telling you to do wrong, then tell it to get out.  GET OUT!

You are in control of your head.  You know who is good for you and who is bad.  You know what brings you closer to peace and what takes you away.  If you don't feel at peace, then stop what you're doing.  Make a better choice.  You must narrow the gap between what your beliefs and your actions.

All of us live in this world together and it is our world to share.  Maybe each one of us can improve our little corner of the world.  I know I can be better than I've been.  I can inshahallah.  That effort will only be a drop in the ocean but it is what we can do and it's better than assuming state of helplessness.




May God grant wisdom and patience to the suffering.  May God expel the wrongdoers from their hiding places and enable their capture.  May God protect the innocents.  May God heal the grieving families.



Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to write a comment for a long time, but had to think hard and choose my words very carefully.

I do not subscribe to the "God Theory" and so, perhaps it is easier for me to expect that people realize they are solely responsible for their actions and that any action is based on a modicum of their own concious thought and decision making. I make my bed and therefore must lie in it. I do not get a free pass because "something/someone else made me do this".

Certainly, the theory of a butterfly's wings fluttering across the world affecting the circumstances of my life is true, but the actions I take based on those circumstances are mine alone and based on what I think is right. I am open to blame if I decide to do the wrong thing.

I cannot decide if anyone is a muslim/jew/christian/pagan/taoist/daoist/hindu/whatever. I cannot decide what the definition of their religion is. However If they are proud to label themselves as something and do harm in the name of that label, then I will be suspicious of that label. If I see that most other people who also label themselves the same way, say or do nothing at all, I could possibly take that as tacit support of evil doers. Sometimes it is support (sort of firing the gun over someone's shoulder). Sometimes it is not. It is not about being apologetic, it is about speaking up. Unless you speak up, the house does not recognize you. Plain and simple.

Perhaps if people took more responsibility for themselves and stopped blaming what-their-label-tells-them-to-do/fate/culture/just-about-everything-but-themselves for their actions, we will all have a more peaceful co-existance.

Simplistic perhaps, but it is a start. Perhaps we can start with our kids. It takes a few generations and it takes a global village to raise all those children.

I am glad you spoke up. I hope we will all speak up for peace and being responsible.

Deanna Troi

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Deanna,

Thanks for formulating your answer. I put something out there that I didn't have fully realized but I felt that I had to say what I could. Inshahallah, all of us who search for better can look inward first for what "better" actually is.

I thought of taking this post down because it didn't make enough sense. Yet, if you found meaning in it then it served a purpose. So, I'll leave it.

Very soon...this weekend inshahallah...I'll be posting something HAPPY and LIGHT :)

Love to YOU!