Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arablish on the Menu

Asalamu Alaykom,

It's always a good time to nibble on a little Arablish.

                                                    Photo Credit Matthew Teller

And you were worried you might not understand the menu on the Nile cruise!  

"What is that coming out for our second course?"


"Is it real crap or imitation crap?"

 Make sure to save room for desert  dessert.

I know I've been teaching too much literary criticism when I read the menu and think "foreboding".  I felt rather anxious about actually ordering "boding" until I read it aloud.  Go ahead!  It doesn't make any sense until you do.  

Yep, it's pudding.  That B/P confusion in Arabic rears its ugly head.  Al-Masri is a good restaurant I'd recommend in Aswan.  However, I didn't leave room for desert dessert so don't ask me how the boding pudding was.

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UmmTimo said...

BODING! HAHAHAHA I love Egypt. Seriously. I hope your having fun InshAllah.