Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Arablish Hits the Toy Aisle

Asalamu Alaykom,

You know those supermarket toys you used to beg mom to buy?  Remember what she said?  "You don't want those!  They're so cheap and will break as soon as we get home."

Well, those toys are exactly what we have in Egypt but in the actual toy stores.  Sure, there are some expensive mall stores with many brand names, but in the small toy shops near us, you'll find just what mom warned against.

Take a look at Mr. Boo's army guy in the picture above.  I didn't buy it!  It came in one of those birthday party gift bags.  He's missing a leg.  Obviously, he went to warfare when he should have gone the other way to try his wits with Alex Trebeck on Jeopardy.

I'm not sure if these blocks are any better.

These blocks were part of a set from AbuBoo's other kids (which he cast off on Mr. Boo).  I sure wasn't looking to give him such a flamboyant cowboy.  Yellow jacket with pink Bermudas?  I'd say that's going a bit far!

What alarms me even more, is that some kind of Rorchach Test being is labeled as a camel.  I've gotten to know camels pretty well in Al-Haram and I have to say that is the strangest looking camel I've ever seen.  How could a mom hold that block up to their child and honestly teach them THAT is a camel?

Actually, none of these blocks are very educational.

That's not a dolphin, it's a seal.

That is a tank but I'm not really wanting it in the toy box.

"Cock," is maybe not what I want my son saying.

"Windbells," is so Arablish as is, "San-ta Claus".  

Strawberry is spelled correctly.  I just laugh to see them striped.

And lastly, we have the cicada.  Can you imagine that conversation at the plastics factory?

"I have 24 blocks designed out and ready to start manufacturing asap.  The problem is we need to figure out one more."

"Excuse me, Sir, but what's that?"

"It's a camel."

"Really? Boss, it doesn't look--"

"Don't worry about the camel!  I'm fine with the camel!  What I can't figure out is the picture for my last block.  I'm stumped for what to put on it."

"Cat?  Kitten?  Like a cute, furry little kitty?"


"Puppy dog?"

"No.  You're thinking too in the box."

"What about...a rhinoceros?"

"Too big. Its picture won't fit.  No, I need something smaller."  

Just then an insect is spotted crawling across the floor.

"I thought we had the exterminator in here last week!  Sorry, Boss!"

He goes to step on it but is pulled back.

"That's it!  Cicada!  The company is saved!"  


egyptchick7 said...

All I can do reading this is think "Egypt is one HOT MESS"!!! Seriously ridiculous that the only thing on the blocks they got right is "Cicada"!!! Yeah, kids, that on the floor is a Cicada and you are totally advancing your English by knowing this ONE word....forget that Strawberries are yellow AND red in nature, AND you can totally tell that male chicken's are referred to as COCK in the states!!! Add that word to your English vocabulary and it will get you far!!!HAHAHAHAHA!!! DUMB!Yosra: This is why you should really get some sort of investment for quality English learning toys that are inexpensive- If only Egyptian parents cared to buy them for their kids as much...I got my siblings an English-Arabic dictionary and I strongly doubt they are using it-

Ishrat Hussain Mohammad said...

All your blogs are really very interesting