Friday, March 15, 2013

Egyptian Anti-Semitism

Asalamu Alaykom,

Last time, I wrote about the Jew-bashing in Egypt.  If you still doubt me, check out this video.  It's one of those hidden camera shows with big-name stars which air during Ramadan.  In this show, the stars are surprised to learn that, though they are filming in Egypt, they have been talking to an Israeli station.

It is not funny.

It is sad.

The captions are not totally accurate.  Even I, with my limited Arabic knowledge, know that "habibi" doesn't translate to "man" but rather "dear".  

However, there is no mistaking the hate.

Remember:  we are responsible for the hate we have and for the hate we teach our children to have.



Gungarali said...

I am so... horrified by this video.
This is so very shameful.
How can this be???
For God's sake, this hate must end!!! Jews are people as well, Jews have rights for God's sake, and being ´a Jew means not being a zionist, PLEASE PEOPLE, no more irrational hate!!!

egyptchick7 said...

Oh GOD!!! Just to be fair- you may have some commentators speak out against MEMRI- the channel where these clips play. MEMRI is a Jewish organization whose focus is to show clips that show ignorance of Arabs and other groups of Muslims. If a person didn't know better than they would assume wrongfully that all Muslims are thereby anti-semetic, ignorant, etc.

That being said- Memri doesn't make these clips up!! They highlight the bad and I gotta say, this is PRETTY bad. Not only does this highlight the hatred for the Jews- it highlights the ease of dumb anger and violence against women that is really accepted in Egypt.

YUCK!! That's how truly disgusted I feel. I think partially the anger upon realization that these guests are on an Israeli network is fabricated a bit because that's how society wants them to behave.

Anyway- you need to sweeten our mouths from the awful taste of this clip! I implore you and others to watch the Memri clip of the "Strongest man and his 4 wives" clip- It is HILARIOUS!!!

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Gungarali,

Thanks for following the blog. You are one of the newbies and I like that you're commenting.

This video FOR SURE needs some comments. It's a strange deal. I'm not going to say that every Egyptian feels this way. The point is that too many Egyptians are very comfortable with their hate---to the point of beating someone up!

I totally agree that a Jew does not a Zionist make. There's a group of rabbis in America who support Palestine's rights.

Light and Love!

Asalamu Alaykom EgyptChick,

It is a WOW, isn't it? I do agree to take the video's source into consideration. Memri isn't hoping for a good opinion of Egypt or Egyptians. However, as you said, the media is out in REALLY out there.

The fact that the first guest felt justified in hitting a woman tells you how close to the surface misogyny and biogtry are in this society.

I did watch the video you suggested:

Amazing! I'm not sure where the truth is in that one. It's mishmaol; unbelievable. May Allah protect this man and his family.

One thing I found funny is that the two wives on the couch can handle their hulk but can't handle sitting right next to each other. LOL! They are as far away from each other as humanly possible.

Light and Love!