Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Egypt Update

Asalamu Alaykom,

I realized that the news from Egypt looks (once again) rather dire.  This is is just an update to let you know that we're fine.

School is still in session for us.  I'm hard at work and so is Mr. Boo.

We don't have any violence in our area of Giza.  Alhumdulillah.

And...okay, this part isn't so good...but it's ironic which is always worth some ink.  AbuBoo, Mr. Boo's father, is in Egypt.  It's been four years since he's been here so this is his first visit since we've moved here.

He's already met my husband and shaken hands.  God bless Ahmed for being man enough to retrieve that suitcase full of our stuff.  And God bless AbuBoo for bringing it over from The States.  That was Monday, on day one.

On day three, AbuBoo insisted that his son go with him to visit his family.  I said, "No, it was too dangerous."

When I said that, Ahmed got to hear my ex's anger in a very terse phone call.  Terse?  Make that explosive!  My husband wasn't interested to hear such bad talk from someone who hasn't done the walk---if you know what I mean.  That was Wednesday.

On Friday, it was the anniversary of the revolution and the chaos started again downtown Cairo.  I had to forget the Cairo Bookfair!  It was now an impossibility.  No matter.  Thankfully, we had stocked up on necessities so I could (mostly) relax.  We keeping an eye on the news.

On Saturday, we tuned into the morning broadcast of the Port Said Stadium Massacre verdict.  The judge sentenced the jailed men to death.  On that day, the anger from the verdict spilled out into the streets and I started monitoring Twitter:

  Death toll is 42 in total - 32 on Sat 26 Jan, 8 on Sun 27 Jan, and 2 on Mon 28 Jan

Yes, Port Said would be a dangerous place to be and OF COURSE that's exactly where AbuBoo is stuck.  No roads in and no roads out.  No buses!  No trains!  If I had allowed Mr. Boo to go with his father, I would literally be unable to protect him or retrieve him.  Subhanallah.

What I am happy about, at this really sad time of street violence, is that I stood for what I believe in.  I do know Egypt now and I do know how to keep us safe.  Alhumdulillah.

And of course I called up to Port Said and made sure AbuBoo and his family are all right; they are.  I also wanted to hear the words, "You were right,"  said by the very man who had fought me so vehemently.

Mr. Boo is safe.  He is here.

God is The Greatest!


egyptchick7 said...

Elhumdulilah you and Mr. Boo and AbuBoo and his family and Ahmed are okay. Al my family is in Port Said and being a small city, everyone is affected in some way. My cousin lives very close to the site of the murders. What I am mostly scared about is how my father will return from Saudia tomorrow? Nobody can come in and out as you have said and I have heard...hopefully by tomorrow there will be some peace in the streets...

I am scared about what's going on in Egypt but this is a true revolution.

Marie said...

I am glad to hear you are all safe Yosra. I saw many hard and sad images of what is happening in Egypt. Thought my married life did not work out well, I still held Egypt and Egyptian in my heart - I hope to visit this country one day with my little one and hope peace and serenity will come your way.

Much love.xx

UmmTimo said...

Alhamdollillah that you stood your ground and did not not let him go. And can I just give some serious props to your husband Ahmed for being OK in dealing with AbuBoo cause a lot of Egyptian men would not be handling it way. MashAllah!

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom EgyptChick,

Alhumdulillah for everything. I hope your dad is OK.

In my mind, as I wrote this, I was thinking that you would be as connected as I was to that city and those people. Good to see you here :) We are sisters of a sort.

Update us if you can about your family.

Love and Light!

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

Thanks, Hon. I try not to write political/stressful aspects about Egypt very often. There's A LOT of stress regarding these protests (which never really stopped). However, these particular ones have gotten mondo beyondo. They are dangerous. None of us really believe these young men in the streets are all angels. Too many are opportunits, i.e., they are there for themselves and not for any cause.

Thanks for thinking of us. I know you still love Egypt. You have a little Egyptian blood in you right now! May God protect you and your little one.

Love and Light!

Asalamu Alaykom UmmTimo,

Thanks for seeing it as I meant it. Yes, in the big picture the focus needs to be "Alhumdulillah". Whatever was the set-up, the end is, "Alhumdulillah."

Ahmed has been a man about these events. I won't say he's been perfect (as only Allah is able to acheive perfection). However, I'm proud that MY man is the one who stopped the yelling and started remembering how to deal calmly and civilly. Alhumdulillah.

Wouldn't you know that AbuBoo made it out of Port Said and into Giza last night. Alhumdulillah for that too. It would have been nice if he had earmarked tonight to see his son. NOPE! Too busy. Oh well. Heartbreak at age seven is a good lesson...I guess...unless you're that particular seven-year-old.

There's more to this story and I just can't type it all out. Suffice it to say that he isn't perfect either.

Love and Light!