Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beauty Queen as a Muslimah for One Day

Asalamu Alaykom,

I'm not a big fan of, "Look at me, World!  I put a scarf on my head so now I know how it feels to be a Mozlem!"

This video shows something deeper.  The Beauty Queen didn't act alone trying to undertand religion and culture.  She had help from a revert sister involved with the project.  The revert sister then showed how she herself needed direction from one of the elders.  That's great.  I totally agree with more input and effort for such a big undertaking.

What I also like is that there seems to be a progression of getting to know women first before throwing on a hijab.  It's good to hear from the actual hijabis before thinking that a Non-Muslim could adapt such a style.

It's terrific that the ladies take her to a respite care site where many Muslim hands are helping the needy.  Yes, this is part of our duty.  It isn't just how we look!  It's how we act.

I love that they go to a masjid.   What a beautiful place!  Mashallah I'm a little shocked Australia has such a stunning place of worship.  Truly the Greatness of God is everywhere.  I love what the Beauty Queen says of her surroundings.  She felt clean.  Alhumdulillah.  Thank God the place was clean!  I've been to plenty of masjids that miss that part of our deen.

It's great that the ladies take her to a fashionable shop.  She gets to be all girlie AND modest while trying on outfits.  The Beauty Queen looks amazing in hijab---of course!  A truly beautiful woman does not stop being beautiful.  She simply takes on a new protection of her beauty.  She looks absolutely natural in her new clothes.

At the end of the video, there's a big celebration dinner.  It's exactly that community feel we all  wish the media to portray.  It's what we often feel in our Muslim homes but never see.  This video shows it!  Subhanallah it's a great clip.

What's funny is that a hater, a bigot, put the video up to show how stupid and bad Islam is.  BACKFIRE!  The video is a wonderful dawah tool.  My advice is to download it and save it.  When the hater really figures out how positively people are receiving it, he or she might be removing it.  We don't want to lose this!

Love and Light!


ummukhalid said...

Salam sister, love the video clip.. you're right, it's a great daawah tool. I've shared in facebook!

Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam UmmuKhalid,

I'm glad you loved it too :)

Good idea to share it on FB. We never know how far an idea can travel on social media. It can truly span the globe several times just by us clicking a couple of times. May Allah reward you for spreading Islam.

Love and Light!