Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pray for Malala. Pray for Pakistan.

Asalamu Alaykom,

This is Malala.  She is fighting for her life in a Pakistani hospital.  She was shot because she wanted to go to school----her father's school for girls.  She was shot in the head and neck.  She was a target for the Taliban.

Here is the story on the attack:


The Taliban misuses Islam.  Don't ever think this is Islam.

14 years old.


See her story in this 2009 documentary here:

There are upsetting images.  I won't lie.  But sometimes we need to see a reality so far from our own to realize the blessings we have and the troubles others are burdened with.

Please pray for her recovery.

If you have a teenager living with you who shrugs off their education, consider showing either the whole documentary or excerpts.

Ya Rab!


October 21
Malala is now in a London hospital.  Sadly, she is not in a London school.  The best news is that she's alive, she's able to open her eyes and to continue to heal.  Now is the time for additional prayers.

May Allah protect our little sister Malala and mend her brokenness.


Marie Vie said...

I read this story this morning on my way to work and I could not believe what I read.
In too many paces in our world, it costs you your life to have a voice.
She is a brave and strong young girl, my prayers are with her and her family.
May we all remember so many people fight for their beliefs and rights each minute, crazy men behave like animals and hurt others in the name of a God they long ago forgot about.

Take care Yosra.

Gori and Khan said...

This story of Malala hits close to home with me. To an observer this is indeed a tragedy but to someone (like me) it takes a piece of hope out of your heart. I have been to Swat, I have walked the streets of Mingora where she went to school. This summer there was definitely a spirit of heaviness there but also hope because the Taliban was not visible. Now they are being released from their prison sentences in Pakistan and others are migrating across borders from Afghanistan. They are underground but ever present. The hardest pill to swallow is that the people of Swat are the real sufferers. Pukhtoons are the the most hospitable people in the world. Of all the people who have died at the hands of terrorism, Pakistani's rank the highest of suffering and death.

Malala wanted to have a political voice and she does. Its the voice inside her heart crying out for ... respect. There's nothing wrong with being an educated woman... unless you are a weak weasel of a man.

Just my two cents. :)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

Alhumdulillah you're hearing the story for the second time. Really, it's alarming to me when I view the Tweeter feed how few people knew the story last night---or how few cared. I see #Malala is trending now so that helps me cope.

Ameen to your prayer. For real...what you said it very true. Many people can chose to have a voice or a life but not both. I felt that only a little bit in the Revolution and it was horrible enough.

Thank you for caring.

Asalamu Alaykom G&K,

Of course I had NO idea this was something you felt so passionately about. Subhanallah that we say what we need to and find that others near us feel the same or even greater.

The video link I provided shows the Swat Valley and really it is beyond beautiful---or was. Alhumdulillah you had a time to enjoy it and may peace come to it once again.

The video shows how Malala didn't want politics (she wanted to be a doctor) until she began to see the challenges Pakistan faces. Then she realized that there will be no studies for her unless she supports her father's vision for girls' education.

Weak weasels. Yes, good choice of words. That "man" will never live in peace in this world or the next. He is shameless criminal of the worst sort imaginable. How dead must his heart and soul be to commit such a cruelty. Astragferallah.

I'm seeing a lot of people feeling the YAAY! That Malala came out of the operation. I don't feel that relief. I feel the continued need for prayer. Her recovery FULL recovery with full mental facalties is what I am praying for. We don't know yet how her body, mind and soul are coping with this trauma.

Also, prayers for her family, friends, and the two girls who were also wounded.

Light and Love to all who seek peace!