Saturday, October 27, 2012

Muslimah Masterpeace

Asalamu Alaykom,

I try really hard to spell things correctly on this blog.  Sometimes, though, you have to misspell to be better understood.  Yes, I know I misspelled, "masterpiece," in the post's title.  It's a nod to Islam being about peace and the symbol of Islam isn't really the crescent moon; it's the covered woman.

You already know the art of Shepard Fairey.  He used to be a kind of criminal artist; putting up graffiti and stickers around his city.  Then he became famous and started making money.

In 2008, he made the Obama "HOPE" poster.

And you probably saw his work on Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" cover.

Maybe what you didn't know...since I didn't know...that Shepard Fairey has done a whole series of lithographs on covered women.

 Take a look at "Peace Woman".

This is "Arab Woman."  I find his depictions very beautiful

and powerful.  This is "Mujer Fatale".

Here is "Israel-Palestine".  Each is so rich in textures

and layers.  This is "Close Knit".

This is "Commanda".

and "Revolutionary Woman with Brush."  Thanks to Hijabulous who also is in love with his works.

This one is called "Peace Mujer".

Here is "Muslim Woman."

I love how that image has been plastered up all over.

I'm not sure where the above mural is from but the one below is from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Looks like "Commanda" got up on the parking lot wall of Home Slice Pizza.

Thanks, Burqa on Tumblr!

Courtesy of Muslimah Media Watch, you can even see how his artwork even graces t-shirts.

To see more of his work, go to Noor of Snippits and Snappits.  Thank you, Noor, for having so many of these images up.

I'll leave you with this image, "Tyranny has a Witness," which was done in conjunction with Human Rights Watch to honor Arab Spring.

It's  from a Tumblr account called BADASS Muslimahs.

She writes, 

"I've had enough of the sensationalist, exoticised, demeaning portrayals of Muslim women seen all throughout the media, and this is my way of countering all the nonsense. 

This is not an attempt at 'breaking stereotypes' or trying to enlighten people, if you're ignorant enough to believe that Muslim women are oppressed and subjugated by Islam then that's your own problem. 

This is my way of giving recognition to all the women who inspire me, and hopefully sending out some positive vibes."  

Ameen, Sista!


Gori and Khan said...

Wow, these ARE masterpeace's!!! He has a way of showing the person, not the covering. I love art that tells a story. So many levels of beauty here, he has captured the essence of a woman - her passionate heart. Thanks for sharing!

Thankful Slave said...

Sis Yosra, drawing human beings in Islam is forbidden...

Printing children’s pictures on clothes:

Earnings of one who makes images:

Personally, I did not like his art, the red tone is just choking, too gloomy..this is my personal opinion again.

As for the other link, badass, I could not define her term/concept of "Muslimah" and the message she was trying to convey.

We can always agree to disagree :)



Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom G&S,

I'm glad you liked them :)

Some comments on other sites miss the key elements of the artwork. Like they see it but don't really spend time with the image and let it soak in.

Take the "Israel-Palestine" picture. A comment on another site blew it off as a nothing. I see how the woman cautiously peering into the vastness is symbolic. The sides of her curtain are also symbolic---with them being the same pattern yet in reverse. Together they are encompassing her and both protecting her and limiting her. It's really deep actually.

Love and Light!

Asalamu Alaykom TS,

I kind of forget you're a man. I saw your profile on Twitter and remembered. Forgive me if I've ever treated you too much like one of the gals.

I hear your concerns. I know that many Muslims feel that art is not for them. That depictions must not include the face and so on. It's a way to live. You are absolutely free to disagree with me.

I do think that this series of artwork is worth knowing about. This is the way a LOT of people in America are getting to know Islam. If you don't know the messages they are getting then you can't address their thoughts. That's me. I'm a firm believer in effective dawa.

I don't know if it helps you at all but these pictures are from photographs. Each face was created by Allah. Just like the Obama pic was from a photo, these women were too. Would that change your mind?

Lastly, for others reading this dialogue, I want to state that I would NOT put any of these in my Muslim home. I don't have any pics up of faces. I pray in every room of my house (except bathroom ...and I don't think I've ever prayed in the kitchen). I don't want a face up where I pray.

So, there are differences of opinion and practice within the same religion. Doesn't mean someone is better by human standards. Only Allah will be the judge of how we have done with our choices. I think it's great to have more opinions in the comments than just "Yaay! I like it."

I'm thankful to TS for a disageeing comments which didn't have to be disagreeable.

Love and Light to TS and All!

tariq Abdul-Qaadir said...

Is muslim sister through playing basketball because fiba doesn't allow hijab?