Monday, September 24, 2012

Donkeys and Demons, Roosters and Angels

Asalamu Alaykom,

Here in Egypt we are so connected to the animals.

There's a "Haroof Hydana" on my roof; that's my joke for a sheep or haroof nursery school.  It's in preperation for the sheep slaughtering at Eid Al-Adha.  I kid that I go off to teach KG1 and my hub stays here with his charges.

There's also ducks, geese, chickens and roosters.

Our neighbor keeps homing pigeons which he lets loose after dinner and they fly out during the azan in this huge display of faith.  Yes, they come back.  With all the freedom in the world, they choose to belong to someone.

I have horses, donkeys and camels walk past our door throughout the day.  The horses and donkeys are usually pulling carts while the camels are trying to hunt for the occasional tourist.

There's the stray cats and dogs which really don't hurt anyone (usually) and are fed from the kindness of strangers who (usually) don't take them in as pets---unless they are my former co-worker who currently has an Egyptian dumpster cat living the good life in Tennessee.

SHOUT OUT TO NOODLES!  Hi, Noodles!  Hope you're staying out of trouble!

Sometimes, the animals let us know that it's their world too.  We forget that.  We humans tend to think of the world as OURS but forget that animals have a connection to this earth and to The Creator.

Take a look at what I saw today on Facebook's لله-Daily Reminders-الله.  They put out some great stuff.

I've taken the liberty of editing it only slightly for readability:

Why Do Donkeys See Demons and Roosters See Angels? 

It's a scientific miracle noted by our Prophet Muhammad (God's blessings and peace is upon him).

In a prophetic tradition, he said:

"If you have heard the voices of roosters ask Allah of His bounty for they saw an angel  and if you have heard braying donkeys, you seek refuge with God from evil, for they saw a demon."

The ability of the human visual system is limited and differs from the visual capacity of the donkeys, which in turn also differs from the visual ability of roosters.

Thus, the ability of human vision is limited; it cannot see what is under the red rays or over the UV radiation. However, the ability of roosters and donkeys is better than that.

How can the donkey and the rooster see the demons and angels ?

The donkey can view the infra-red rays, and the devil, one of the committees created from the fire so, from this  information, the opinion is that the donkey doesn't see angels, but does see the jinn.

The roosters view through UV radiation and the angels created from light.

This explains why does the demons escape when we make remembrance of Allah.

The reason is this: The angels came to the place where God is mentioned.  Devils escape.

Why do the devils escape in the presence of the angels?
Because the devils are harmed by the light of the angels.  In other words:  If UV rays meet with infrared rays in one place, the red rays will disappear.

Who could have possibly told Prophet Muhammad (God's blessings and peace is upon him) about all this scientific information 1400 years ago?

I find that fascinating!

Here, in Egypt, I am in daily contact with both donkeys and roosters.  For me, this hadith has meaning and a purpose in my life.  I actually lay in bed hearing the rooster crowing BEFORE the sun rises.  We always see cartoons of a rooster crowing at the sun but he doesn't.  He crows at fajr (pre-dawn) and that is when we need to pray.  The angels are there.

I also hear the occassional braying of the donkey.  The donkey has the worst voice! There is another hadith reminding us not to be angry lest we sound like the donkey's bray.  It is an alarming and disturbing sound.  It means that evil is near.  We actually stop what we are doing and ask for Allah's protection.

"Ooozabellahi min a Shaytan a regime," and I say it three times.  I say it aloud but not for the donkey to hear.  I say it to create a protection around myself.  Others are saying it too.

I love that.

I love living in a community of believers so connected to the words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and so connected to animals and The Creator of Everything (including the jinn and the angels).



Anonymous said...

Thank for sharing these amazing facts Yosra.

Thank you, شكرا .

Bilqis said...

Beautiful reminders. Thank you