Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ramadan Day 13


Marie Vie said...

This I tend to do a lot, so many people need all these things we don't use anymore. In Ireland there are lots of charity shops, which is really good.

Take care Yosra and know that even if you don't receive too many comments on these little notes, at least they talk to me and help me change some things in my life too.

Have a lovely evening my dear friend.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

I LOVE the UK thrift stores! I have bought the coolest things there. Actually, I love all thrift stores.

Good for you that you donate.

I donated three bags of clothes to the girls in our family. My hub was good enough to sit there on the bed and view the items I wondered about. I do think it takes another voice to affirm what you're thinking---at least if you're a semi-horder like me.

Alhumdulillah, the three teen girls were given the bags. Then, the next day, two of them came back to visit the house (and make cookies). Would you believe that they were both wearing the hand-me-down tunic tops I gave them?! It was so sweet to see how much better they looked in them than me. Mashahallah :) I joked that my tops were like homing pigeons that flew away but had to come back to see me. Really? It was a blessing for me to see the rightful owners of the clothes.

One thing I wanted to point out to everyone is that the clothes can still FIT you but not be befitting to you. That was the case with those tops. They could be on my body but not really give me halal coverage. Let's not play games with that which doesn't hide our body shape. If you are stuffing yourself into clothing to the point that it's a second skin then it isn't fashion; it's haram. Alhudmulillah for getting clean of that haram and for making it into halal for the nieces.

Light and Love!