Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Muslimah Games

Asalamu Alaykom,

The month-long fasting is almost done.  It's time for....


No, not yet.

It's time for....

collapsing in a heap!


But what I really wanted to say is that it's time for

The Special Muslimah Games
Held every Ramadan

The Olympic Games were easy by comparison.


This is for the women who are working outside the home, working inside the home AND meeting their Ramadan obligations of fasting, praying and reading Quran.  It's a 24/7 endurance race.

Up Lifting

Some women have to carry heavy burdens during Ramadan belonging to somebody else.  Maybe they've been helping a parent, a sibling, a friend, a child or a co-worker.  Sometimes helping hurts and it's often thankless.

Outward Reaching

Many Muslimahs are reaching outwardly towards those wanting more information about Islam this Ramadan.  It could be through dawah to Non-Muslims or it could be through sisterly advice to new Muslims.  Often these seeds of knowledge don't show themselves right away.


Muslimahs who are mothers and aunties see the chance at Ramadan to mentor the young Muslims.  It means teaching what is means to be a Muslim.  It's showing how to set limits, define boundaries and aim for goals.  It needs a strong resolve and deaf ears (to block out all the whining).  Creativity is a plus.

Habit Breaking

There are many bad habits we can't fix until we break from them.  Breaking a bad habit takes about a month which is exactly how long Ramadan is.  Sometimes the bad habit isn't even ours!  It's belonging to someone in our family or among our friends and we are supporting them through this process.

Finding Gold

Muslimahs are accustomed to asking others for our self-worth but in Ramadan, we can't get that constant supply.  The focus stops being on us.  We have find our own worth and remember it rather than ask for attention to the brink of ad naseum.

Shape Putting

Our shapes are the vessels to our souls.  We remember at Ramadan how the two work in conjunction.  We need to be strong physically in order to carry out our spiritual lives.  We need to have a strong soul in order to live healthy lives physically.  Many focus erroneously on losing weight.  It's not a time to lose anything; it's a time to gain.

Did I forget any?  Let me know if I did!

The awards ceremony will be The Day of Distinction.  We are all hoping for rewards from Allah and that has to be the ultimate hope of every Muslimah.

May these last days of Ramadan increase your participation and inshahallah your blessings.

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