Monday, August 20, 2012

Every Night and Every Day

Asalamu Alaykom,

I am asking you to view a very simple song in a very simple video with very simple production values.

However, the song is simply amazing.  I love this nasheed.  I hope you do too.

There are other versions of it on youtube.  I think I've watched them all today.

I did like this version done on stage with a back-up choir.  The young man singing the lead is very good.  The other singers are good too.  I don't's just too high on production values for me.  I like it best at the end when the heavy beats subside and it's almost acapella.  As I said before, it's a simple song.

This version made me kind of sea-sick with it's reverb in full tilt.  ECHOOOOO ECHOOOO.  There used to be that 80's group "Echo and the Bunnymen".  I think I know what happened to him.  Sincerely, though I'm not knocking anyone who wants to praise Allah.  It's all good.

I liked the female singer however a true nasheed is with the male voice.  Why?  Because our voices are enticing, even if they are singing about Allah.  Here she is again but this time we're being flown through the clouds.

Give me some feedback.  Let me know which you like.

Maybe you have another version that you know of.  Add it in the comments section if you could please.

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