Monday, August 20, 2012

Eid Khotba

Asalamu Alaykom
                              and Happy Second Day of Eid!

"It’s good to laugh.  I love to see the Muslims laugh.  This is not a bida to laugh.  

For some reason we thought that the best way to teach our community is to intimidate them and bully them but those days are over.  

It’s more important that we inspire people to transcend themselves instead of fear mongering them into transcending themselves."

I loved that moment in Imam Suhaib Webb's khotba so much that I wanted to share it with you.  He is my kind of imam; slighty irreverent, totally honest, direct and unwavering, striving hard for Allah like it's an emergency.

Click here to listen.  He begins to speech around the nine minute mark.  So, it's 30 minutes of  good thoughts...and laughs.  Special thanks to Brother Bilal Mirza for posting it.  

There's other good moments, of course, than that one I quoted.  I had no idea the meaning behind only saying the azan; call to prayer in the newborn baby's ear without the  iqama; the call to start the prayer.  It's shocking a bit---though it makes sense.  Subhanallah.

I have added Imam Webb's website on the sidebar.  Take a look at what else he can offer us.  

Inshahallah it's something useful.

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