Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Doors Half Open

Asalamu Alaykom,

Last night the lights went out just after 7:30 pm.  I know the time because Mr. Boo, my seven-year-old, had an appointment with, "The League of Super Evil," which is his current favorite cartoon.  I had gotten him upstairs for that.  I used it's powerful leverage to make him clean the massive toy dump off the floor in his room.  As I did so, I said, "Remember how awful it is when the electricity goes out and there's a mess in your room?"

I grabbed the sheets off the line and then I went downstairs.  I had not had my tea.  I sat down on the floor (yes, we have furniture downstairs but it's homesy this way).  I was passed my tea and


the lights went out.

It's been happening a lot lately.  Alhumdulillah, I can adjust---mostly.  You develop routines and coping mechanisms.

"Mommy!  MOMMY!  MOMMY!!!"

Ahhh yes, the dulcet tones of a scared boy in a dark home.

My hub and I fumbled for a few seconds between his mobile and mine. Which one would light the way better?  I chose mine and kept calling out reassurances as I shone the light ahead of my climb.  I was going quickly because I worried for my boo.  Really, he's gotten bigger but he's still a boo.

I had left the door open for the breeze so no need to find the key.  There stood Mr. Boo with his laser gun.  Yes, he's gotten his routines and coping mechanisms too.  I told him to sit down.  I had to unplug the refrigerator because any sudden surge of elecricity could render it into a worthless metal box.

Mr. Boo insisted on following me around.  I told him to sit down again.  And that's when he walked into the door.  What is with him and his head?!  Why must he bump his head into so many obstacles?!

So then it was me yelling for him to sit down so I could put ice on it.  Remember, This is all in the dark; almost complete darkness.  My husband had now made his way up.  He was trying to reassure the boy on the couch and tell me to stop being so loud.  I actually couldn't.  I must have had too much adrenaline in my system.  I put the ice on that much maligned forehead and asked my hub to go back downstairs so I could calm down.

Lighting a candle helped.  I could just sit.  Mr. Boo was fine.  He came over to the big comfy chair so we could cuddle together.

"You should have shut the door," he said blaming me.

"It's OK to have it shut or open but not half way.  Remember the blind girl at school?"  Actually I used her name not that definition.  I had her in KG1 and then Mr. Boo was in her class for KG2 and first grade.

"She couldn't have any doors half open.  She had to have them fully shut or fully open."

As we sat there, I thought about the danger of being half.  We certainly do like to do things by half.  Yet, we need to have things done fully or we can't function properly.  This Ramadan I need to close some doors and open others and not keep bumping my head on the half-open.


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Marie Vie said...

It is weird how we learn from little things that happen in our daily lives. You are right we have to do it fully or not, but definitely not half-way or we have to be prepared to face the consequences.
Hope all is well with you all. Stay well dear.