Friday, August 24, 2012

A Place for My Family

Asalamu Alaykom,

What I'm formulating right now are the big ideas in my brain.

One of the BIGGEST is the idea that
are for people 
not for things.  

This comes to me from Hiliary Farr

 Yosra, Thank you for letting me know we bring you a little fun and beauty each day that gives me great pleasure.

She's a Canadian designer on the show Love It or List It.  I don't have the clip in which she uttered those words but I can tell you the set up.  There was a family of five who had outgrown their home---actually it wasn't them; it was their STUFF.  There was crying and pleading from the homeowner for more  MORE!  She wasn't begging for more space for her and her husband or more room for the kids.  No.  What she really wanted was a place to put her junk stuff.

George Carlin said it best in his comedy routine.  Watch it here.  There is swearing and crudeness in this very funny comedy routine but it's revolutionary in thinking and sometimes you need coarse language to hit people between the eyes.  If you allow yourself to really hear the message, you will realize that it's very Islamic.  No, we don't need all the junk stuff.

I am re-evaluating what it means to live in my home; to make my home for people not stuff.  If it doesn't make our lives function better then I'm not interested in keeping it.  I'm re-claiming the surfaces from obvious piles and the cabinets from the hidden piles.

If it hurts me somehow to see it then I don't need it.

If it's really a kind of hording, then I need to release it.

If it's taking up space which is needed for something else, then it's time to replace it with better.

If I like it but it's not the way I want it, then I need to fix it.

This is resulting in give-aways, throw-aways, repairs, re-organizing and re-focusing on my priorities.  I am a real person and my lifeless things need to help me be the person I am.  Even after acknowledging what helps me, I need to remember to keep my footprint small enough within my little home so that I don't crowd out my other two roommates (Ahmed and Mr. Boo).

I'm not moving physically; I'm working hard to stay here in this home and make it a comfortable place for our family inshahallah.  What I'm doing is moving psychically.  A month of fasting made me see the stuff junk for what it was.

Come back soon to hear about another lesson I learned or re-learned from this Ramadan.


egyptchick7 said...

WOWOWOWOW!!! I had to laugh because my mom LOVES "Love It Or List It" and she puts me thru the torture(not really) of watching it whenever I am in the room and it is on...The families featured are so atrocious and rude- it destroys whatever ideas I had about Canadians being nicer than it's so funny that you watch it in Egypt?

I had my mom read this, not for the hoarding take away message but because I thought it was a funny coincidence that you both watch the same show, and she couldn't finish it all because I think the hoarding message hit her...I think she has some hoarding issues...poor mom..denial...

Anyways, thanks for the Dua during Ramadan for my exams- I did quite amazingly during my summer semester- and I am here for you...

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom EgyptChick,

Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you.

I'm very happy ALHUMDULILLAH that you did well in your exams. Talk about stress! Inshahallah you are a couple steps closer to fulfilling your dreams.

I am happy too that you shared my post with YOUR MOM! Now I am a success :) It's funny that it wasn't Islam in the blog, or Egypt in the blog which made you show mom. NOPE! It was LOVE IT OR LIST IT. LOL! I do enjoy the show.

Horder? Well, that show helps you see how much junk brings down your home. It's a transformation without all the glitz. It's very real and quick and easy.

Always happy to hear from my oldest least I think you are. Anybody out there been reading me from the "Honorary Arab" days?

Love and Light!