Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Asalamu Alaykom,

God is the Greatest!

Olympic competitor Wodjan Shahrkhani will be ALLOWED to COMPETE in Judo WEARING HIJAB!

All praises to The Most Merciful!

This is the best of outcomes.  Alhumdulillah.  She has fought the good fight; to allow equal rights for women who chose modesty in order to please Allah.  She did not come to London to show her body but rather to show her skills.  Whether or not she wins a medal in Judo, I know that she has won the hearts of many and inshahallah the pleasure of Allah.

For those who want to make fun of this young Saudi lady, I will say this:  she has done more with her life in these last days than many of you have done in your entire lives.  If you have some kind of jealousy towards a person for being newsworthy, then find a way to better yourselves rather than try to pull her down. 

I realize she is not on any of the web lists for "Sexist Olympians," or "Hottest Competitors".  That's OK.  Truly some of us aren't in this life to please the voracious visual appetites of the voyeur.  Say that three times fast!  Many women, and especially many Muslimahs, are here in this life first and foremost as followers of God, then as people in this world, before thinking of themselves by gender.  

May God be pleased with all His followers from all the faiths.

May God protect all the women in the world whatever their nationality.

May God forgive those who deride others.

May God guide all the people who are lost and searching for a way to find Him.



Duhita Fauzzia Agni said...

Subhanallah.. :) As a Muslimah, I'm so proud of her still wearing her hijab in Olympic, I think it's not easy.
Nice post :)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Duhita,

Thanks for commenting. I'm proud of her too----and she hasn't even competed yet! Sometimes Allah gives us challenges that we didn't foresee when we agree to compete.

Inshahallah, Wodjan will compete today at 10:26 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Hope to see you again! :)