Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadan Links

Asalamu Alaykom,

I have been writing about Ramadan on this blog since 2007.  It's such an important time of the year and in our lives as Muslims. 

I've compiled a chronological index of my posts so that accessing them would be easier.  I haven't always been brilliant in my Ramadan posts but I have always strived to find Allah. 

Inshahallah, you'll find something meaningful in the mix. 


To Fast or Be Fast: Muslim Athletes in Ramadan

11 Weeks Before Ramadan

Ramadan 2011

Fasting During Travel

When It’s Best to Be Negative

Fast Fasting!

2010 writing about Ramadan 2009

Making Hijrah 6: First Day

Making Hijrah: Breaking My Fast

Making Hijrah 10: Ancient History

Making Hijrah: 11 Finding Iftar

Making Hijrah: 13 Keep on Living

Making Hijrah: 15 Layla Tul Qadr

Making Hijrah: 16 Khalo

Making Hijrah: 17 Egyptian Date

Making Hijrah: 30 Running My Own Race


Beautiful Pictures of Ramadan

Ramadan Shopping List

Ramadan 1: You Are Not Alone

Ramadan 2: Healthy

Ramadan 3: Questions and Answers

Ramadan 4: Mindfulness

Ramadan 5: Prayer

Ramadan 6: Perserverance

Ramadan 67: Breaking Away

Ramadan 8: Better Not Perfect

Ramadan 9: Words

Ramadan 10: Accept Differences

Ramadan 11: Repentence

Ramadan 12: Balance

Ramadan 13: Release

Ramadan 14: Know Limits

Ramadan 15: Move

Ramadan 16: Leave Them

Ramadan 17: Make It Count My Tribute to Liz Logelin

Ramadan 18: Rest

Ramadan 19: Tany wa Tany

Ramadan 20: Be Quiet

Ramadan 21: Take a Leap of Faith

Ramadan 22: Know Your Core

Ramadan 23: Don’t Panic

Ramadan 24: Faith Not Fear

Ramadan 25: Drop Weight

Ramadan 26: Supposed To

Ramadan 27: Gratitude

Ramadan 28: Remember the Poor

Ramadan 29: Build Your Nest

Ramadan 30: Goodbye to Fasting


Getting Ready for Ramadan: Lightening

Getting Ready for Ramadan: Courage

Getting Ready for Ramadan: Media

Getting Ready for Ramadan: Believe

Getting Ready for Ramadan: Prioritizing

First Day of Ramadan

A Break in Routine Award-winning

Ramadan Frustrations

Nasheeds During Ramadan


MarieHarmony said...

Thanks Yosra for sharing all these links. I will make sure to travel back in your blog and read them. As I am not fasting this year, I still want to use this month to learn more about Islam and your blog is one that really talks to me, in all its simplicity.

Take care dear friend.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

Well that makes me happy :) I'm glad my blog serves a purpose. As you know, very few people comment. I see the numbers of people who click and they're good alhumdulillah. I just need some feedback that what I'm doing matters...otherwise why spend the time doing it?

In the U.S. we say KISS Keep It Simple, S (either Stupid or Sweetie...I'll choose the later) Sweetie. Islam is a big topic but we don't have to clobber people over the head with it for it to make sense. Alhumdulillah you appreciate that.

I'm not fasting these days either. My health had to come first. Would you believe that I'm STILL not well from the first days of July? I can't. My medication needed regular intervals during the day and the fast wasn't allowing for this. By the third day, I was not well. I am back on a schedule and feeling better alhumdulillah. Another trip to the doctora tomorrow inshahallah.

So, Marie, do what you can to make the most of this month. That's all anyone can do---me included :)

Love and Light!

egyptchick7 said...

Keep doing it!!! Most of the time I don't comment bc I feel I have nothing substantial to add to the convo---but I could comment for each of these posts if you just feel like you don't have to reply to each one of the comments bc that could get tiring and laborious for you....

Sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well...I know I didn't send my condolences about the miscarriage but I truly am sorry...I meant to but, again, I didn't know what more to say than I am sorry...


MarieHarmony said...

Dear Yosra please take good care of yourself dear and may God reward you for your efforts and your kindness.