Friday, June 22, 2012

What Boat Are You Building?

Asalamu Alaykom,

I watched Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman on Huda TV this morning for my Friday khotba.  Mr. Boo watched with me.  Children love to learn the stories of the Prophets (peace be upon them all). Today we were hearing about Prophet Noha (pbuh).

I have become closer to this prophet lately.  We have times in our life when we feel an afinity for one teacher more than another.  It doesn't mean that any prophet is better than the next---astragferallah; God forgive.  They were all great!  Yet, different times need different lessons and different teachers.

I feel for a man who was in a group who belittled him.  I feel for a man who kept working though it seemed pointless at times.  His incredible faith (strengthened by du'a) carried him through just as much as any boat.  In fact, he could not have had his boat without first having his faith.

What boat are you building?  Is there something you are working on (even if it's just in your head) which you feel will attract ridicule?  If you know that God is calling you to a task in your life, then go for it. 
When we were done listening on TV, we looked up more information on youtube from  Harun Yahya.  His videos offer a really good way to learn about the prophets (peace be upon them all).  There were so many simple answers to those questions we always had.  It's great to share this kind of learning with my son.

Mr. Boo then had to go to the masjid with Baba.  Each one of them had on their new made-to-order galabiyas.  Yes, both of them went to the local Pakistani tailor and got their measurements taken for these long shirts.  Each detail on a man's galabiya went into the making of my boy's galabiya.  Most galabiyas for boys aren't fully functional and my boy wished for not only a breast pocket but side pockets.  He wanted the high-quality.  He got it!  He is a total "Mini-Me" of Baba.  To see his pride when he puts it on these last Fridays is a joy.

Have you had enough joy?

If not, it's time to listen to God, build your ship and ignore the chatter (whether real or imagined).

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Umm Timo said...

Salam Yosra,
Reading this post made me really happy for your son that he has a baba to take him to the mosque and help him with his Islam. From what you write about Abu Boo he was not as practicing as your husband now. SubanAllah, maybe you and he (Mr. Boo) needed to come to Egypt in order for your son to have this experience which he may have not gotten with Abu Boo.