Friday, June 1, 2012

Fridah Khutbah: Marriage in Islam

Asalamu Alaykom,

Time for another khotbah.

This soft spoken preacher is someone I can listen to easily. The subject is something we all need to learn about: married life in Islam.

For the first two minutes, it’s entirely in Arabic. Please keep listening to Yahya Cazalas because he’ll translate it right afterward. Throughout the khotbah he’ll use Arabic and explain it---got to love that!

One word he uses which made me smile is, “Mawada.” This is not a word we use a lot as Muslims…unless you live at our house. It’s the name of the little girlie I see everyday. Mawada is my husband’s neice and my former rent-a-baby (but now I have her little brother for that).  Once you hear the meaning of the word, I believe you'll want to recommend that name for the next baby girl in your life.

Subhanallah, that in my searches for khotbas I always find the right one.

See if this is the right one for you today.

I wish you better than you wish yourself.

If you are married, I wish for peace in your home.

If you are not married, I wish for a home to be established between you and a God-fearing man.


Thankful Slave said...

Assalam aleikum,

Marrying is the easiest part, keeping the marriage alive and the boat afloat is the hardest one..

Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam TS,

I think it's all hard! Which is easier? Maybe you're right that the long journey for years and years takes more fortitude than the initial step into marriage.

I have a blog post in my mind now, "What to Do When Your Husband is an Ass". Seriously! I've got a busy couple of weeks with school ending but then I think I'll put that one together.

Thanks for commenting. Of course, I could write without comments but it kind of sucks to write into a void of all life. I appreciate you being alive :) and participatory.

Light and Love!