Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Voting Every 7,000 Years

Asalamu Alaykom

The first democratic election for president in Egypt has begun.  It will go on for two days.  School is closed--THANK YOU, GOD!  There are, for the first time in a long time, hopeful expectations in the air.  Read more about it here.

May Allah protect us all.

The outcome is uncertain.

Like everything in life, we can only do our best and leave the rest (to God).

The good news is that Jimmy Carter is here!  He is the closest thing to a superhero American politics has.

"We can't get along with Israel."


"We need a home for our low income neighbors."


"Our election needs monitoring."


My dad once sat down and chatted with Jimmy Carter.  This was soon after he lost re-election.  Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale had flown down to the U.S. Virgin Islands to recoup.  My dad was working for the Park Service and got invited to a soiree.  So what did my dad talk about to this great former president?  They reminisced about being sonar operators in the navy.

But I digress...

there's a lot on my mind.

I'm getting a grip on what hasn't made sense and shaping it into a more livable life.

In a way, we too need to vote for what matters to us.  We should not be complacent with the status quo.  Sure, there's a time for regrouping and negotiating between reality and imaginings.  However, too many of us wait for life to drop in our laps fully formed (as if we could adopt a life rather than painfully carry it within us until we birth it).


We can be our own superhero.  What we admire in others we can cultivate in ourselves.  Marilyn Monroe was always romancing the men who she wanted to be like.  She didn't grow as a person but rather found men to latch onto who had the trait she wished she could have (but didn't have the self-esteem to explore). 

As a Muslim feminist...wait...that overly redundant again as being a Muslim is being a feminist...

I can tell you that our men and our children, our workplaces, our places of worship and our countries are not us.  We are seperate and successful at being who we are meant to be---if we believe that we are special enough to receive talents and blessings.  We don't need to live through others and feel good in their shade.  We can be authentically ourselves and shine our light exactly as that still small voice is calling us to do.




It happens in countries.

It happens in ourselves.

What's happening with you?  Inshahallah you're doing better today than yesterday.


MarieHarmony said...

It is today! I was thinking about it.......change is always possible. May these elections bring peace to Egyptian people and may it will be the first step towards a better future.
You are all in my prayers.

Um Dayo said...

SubhanAllah, my friend. I love your posts, for real. You somehow say what I can't so often.
I have been very uncomfortable with the election situation, personally. My husband slapped Muhammad Morsi stickers on our car and his kids (and by extension my son) run around singing songs in Arabic I can't understand about how great he is blah blah blah, and my husband is in the village these two days to "tell people to vote for him". He says people told him they are voting for him "just for you, sheikh." That kind of responsibility, all on the shoulders of one man, both on my husband's shoulders as the one who convinced them and on Morsi's shoulders as the "hope of the Muslim Brotherhood to Islamify Egypt" or all makes me very, very uncomfortable. My husband says he is so gung-ho about him because he is the only one of 13 candidates who says he will run according to Shariah. I say mashallah inshallah, but he is a politician and politicians will say anything and everything for a vote. I know it's my american-ness getting the best of me, but investing so much hope in one guy to change a country is just naive. I remember everyone having hearts full of joy when the revolution happened (do revolutions happen or continue to evolve?) and then a year later, my husband was heart-broken that not much had changed for the better. I don't want that same disappointment for him again, you know?

And call it "almost baby hormones", but your "carrying life and birthing it in pain" rather than adopting it made me stop in my reading tracks and choke up. ha ha! What a true statement!

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

Yep! I know you are thinking of Egypt and a lot of others have their eyes on us as well. Let's all think GOOD THOUGHTS! Ameen to your du'a. It's all, "inshahallah".

I honestly don't know what's best for Egypt. I like candidate Dr. Abol Fotouh but I can't vote for him. I'm not a citizen. So, let's see who gets the vote!

Asalamu Alaykom UmDayo,

Sorry about the birthing referrence. I try not to mention PAIN when talking to moms about ready to go into labor.

Interesting to read about your hub's efforts. I suppose that everyone has a hero in politics. My heroes include: Winston Churchill, Jimmy Carter, Geraldine Ferraro, Ralph Nader, Paul Wellstone, Barak Hussein Obama and Keith Ellison to name a few.

But, ya, I agree with you that it's dangerous to tell someone else to vote as you would. What if you're wrong? There are some Muslims who believe that to vote for someone means that you share in their good AND bad deeds. If you vote in a criminal you will be asked on The Day of Judgement about his failings. I think that only applies if you KNOWINGLY vote for a crook.

God bless your hub. He sure does try!

May Allah make these days easy on everyone...and your delivery of baby #3 a joyful occassion.

Take care! Stay cool! :)