Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tyrell Baymon-UPDATED

This is a story I will continue to follow and update.  I'm committed to it.  If you haven't read the story, start from the top.  If you are only looking for the update, then scroll down.
There is something about 4-year-old children.  They touch my heart in a way which other ages do not.  They are big enough to feel like superhereos...yet they still need moms and hugs.

I'm letting you know about a very sad story.

If you can't handle hearing about it today...that's OK...don't read.  Some days I can't handle one more sad thing.

For the rest of you, are you ready?

There is a 4-year-old boy who was supposed to celebrate his birthday with his cousin on Saturday.  They were going to the park with all the family.  His was holding his mom's hand as they stood next to their SUV.  A motorcyclist doing wheelies and showing off came by and...ya....the boy was hit.

You can read more about it here

Tyrell Baymon is the name of the little boy.  It's that a beautiful name?  He's in critical condition and he needs our prayers.  Please pray for him.  If you can, please send this story and prayer request to those in your internet circles through Facebook and email.  Tweet it with the hashtag #TyrellBaymon .

There are so many stupid things we send around...I know I do...but this one is meaningful.  Let's use our lives and our technology to be meaningful. 

Seriously?  If I didn't feel the power of prayer, then I would feel helpless.  We are taught, as Muslims, to do what we can with our actions.  If we are unable to act, then we are to speak.  If we are unable to speak, then we are to pray.  Let's pray.

While we are at it, let's pray for the man who hit the boy.  That man is in turmoil and I sincerely hope that he turns himself in because the truth will set him free.  God already knows that he did it.  God knows.  There is no escaping.  It's better to face up to responsibility for being irresponsible. 

This is a local TV news report on the tragedy.

Alhumdulillah I have never faced this hardship with any of my children. 

Alhumdulillah I have never faced this hardship as a driver.

Inshahallah, everyone involved will find peace and healing through these next days.



May 21

A 25-year-old man has been arrested due to numerous tips.

In that same newspaper article there is now a picture of Tyrell Baymon.  Yes, he is a beautiful little guy; full of the joy and innocence of childhood.  Tyrell has a fractured skull, broken ribs and has undergone at least on surgery.

His mother has thanked everyone for their prayers.

I thank you too. 

It cost nothing and means so much. 

May 22

We can now see a photo of the accused.  We have learned more about him and Alhumdulillah he's in jail.

Tyrell, may God be merciful with him, is medically sedated while healing from his injuries.  I can only imagine how horrible that is for his family to not see his eyes open.

Yet, his uncle is gloriously quoted as saying, "All I can do is thank The Creator for the outpouring of support we've had from the community."

His nephew is lying unconscious in the hospital and he is STILL ABLE to thank The Creator.  Subhanallah!

Think if you have thanked God today for what you have.


A local radio station has posted the address for well-wishers to send cards to Tyrell and his family:

Tyrell Baymon C/O Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

200 University Avenue East St. Paul, Minnesota 55101

I am going to make a special appeal to those readers who live outside of the state of Minnesota, or even out of the United States:  please send the family a postcard.  There is something special to know that people from far away are keeping you close to their heart.  Be that person.  Send a postcard to the family and let them know how they are in your prayers.

June 6

I have an update.

The accussed man has plead guilty.  Alhumdulillah.  We can't ever go back in time to change the wrongs we've done but we can move forward and repent and make ammends.  Sincerely, I pray that this man lives a better, more thoughtful life after this tragedy.

Tyrell is able to move about in a wheelchair---not easy for a formerly active four-year-old.  Yet, he is no longer able to move as he once did.  He is impaired and will need physical therapy to increase his movement.

The great news is that his brain is able to recognize loved ones AND TO SMILE!

I want you to really stop and think:  how many times we frown and don't show a smile for little inconveniences in our day.  We allow ourselves to be moody while Tyrell has every reason to be sad yet he smiles!  Think how meaningful that smile is to his family.  They once feared he had been killed.  HE LIVES!

Subhanallah, Tyrell Baymon lives and lives to smile despite everything.

Yes, God is GREAT.  God is THE GREATEST!

Please continue to pray for regained strength and ability for this little boy.  If you are good at visualizing, please send healing energy to his left side which has been weakened.  Pray for his ability for clear speech to be realized.  YA RAB!  We can be a loving world which sends out positivity and care.


MarieHarmony said...

This is such a sad story Yosra. I will pray for this little boy, his family and the driver. They must all be in pain now.
May our prayers bring them peace. Take care dear

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

Thanks, as always, for being a caring soul.

Look, we might as well care! We can be thoughtless, mindless, and not give of ourselves in this life. In the end, though, it's the love we've shared which will be the hassanette which remains after we're gone.

Sending my love your way!

Anonymous said...

Please keep updating. I work at Regions hospital and I saw Tyrell when he first came in and I still wonder about his condition. He is such a beautiful and brave boy.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Caring Nurse,

That's me wishing you peace :)

I would love to update but I don't have any additional information at this time. I don't have any connection to the family other than we are Minnesotans---though at this point I'm living half a world away.

You are a wonderful person to care and to take care of others. Mashahallah (you are from God). I'll always remember when my first born had problems at birth and was thought to have permanent damage only to be checked out fine and released from the nursery on time. I got a phone call at home from one of the nurses who was both shocked and delighted that everything was fine. She said it was a miracle---which of course it was. Alhumdulillah (thanks be to God). Her call made me understand better how many people were praying and hoping for my boy.

Your prayers---and I KNOW you offered some that day he was brought in---were answered. Alhumdulillah. He is alive. That's truly a miracle. He can SMILE! Alhumdulillah. We need to continue praying for his full recovery and for his family to have increased patience. They sound like beautiful believers. May God reward them for all their faith.

And may God reward you for all that you do, Caring Nurse.

Sending you love and light from Egypt!