Friday, May 25, 2012

Time Out for Khotba

Asalamu Alaykom,

Whatever is going on in your life today---whether you think it's going well or going poorly it's time to remember, "Alhumdulillah."  Time to remember The One True God who created you.

I'm watching a khotba from Yusha Evans but it's not speaking to me.  Doesn't mean that it's bad or wrong.  It just means that I'm listening but the message is not resonnating with me inside my mind. 

The believers have been given many messengers.  Here are the 25 Prophets mentioned in the Quran.  Peace be upon them all.  They are appearing in chronological order not in order of importance (since all of the prophets are to be reverred equally). 

Nabi English:  Prophet Adam

Nabi English:  Prophet Enoch

Nabi English:  Prophet Noah

Nabi English:  Prophet Eber

Nabi English:  Prophet Shelah

Nabi English:  Prophet Abraham

Nabi English:  Prophet Lot

Nabi English:  Prophet Ishmael

Nabi Is' English:  Prophet Isaac

Nabi English:  Prophet Jacob

Nabi English:  Prophet Joseph

Nabi English:  Prophet Job

Nabi English:  Prophet Jethro

Nabi English:  Prophet Moses

Nabi English:  Prophet Aaron

Nabi English:  Prophet Ezekiel

Nabi English:  Prophet David

Nabi English:  Prophet Solomon

Nabi English:  Prophet Elijah

Nabi English:  Prophet Elisha

Nabi English:  Prophet Jonah

Nabi English:  Prophet Zacharias

Nabi English:  Prophet John

Nabi English:  Prophet Jesus

Nabi English:  Prophet Mohammed
There are more!  Infact, a Hadith; quote from Prohet Muahmmad (pbuh) states that there were 124,000 more.  We don't know their names.  There might have even been women prophets---Allhu Alim.  There were so many sent because their are so many different languages, cultures, and sensibilities.   
The Final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),  is the one who was sent not just for one group but for all humanity.  That is why we must keep closest to him even if we find affinity for another prophet.
I mean, who doesn't love the story of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him)!
And the story of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) is especially touching to me now that I live in Egypt.
But I can never forget the story of the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) who really had such amazing faith to trust God with his wife and child.
Of course we find truth from all the prophets.
Just like we can find truth from all khotbas...even ones we don't feel for in the beginning. 
This khotba had some really good thoughts regarding:
The Happy Ones
"Happy is the one whose heart is connected to Allah."
"Happy is the one who reaches the evening and the morning and nothing else is in their heart except Allah."
"The Happy One is the one whom Allah is pleased with his soul whose heart finds peace in the remembrance of Allah and his tongue glorifies him continuously."
"Happy is the one whom Allah prepares a pleasure due to his obedience.  And He is well pleased with him..."
"The Happy Ones are those whom Allah has blessed; them and their families, their wealth and their children and they are a cooling pleasure to his eyes.  And he praises Allah the Exalted for the highs in his life and the lows in his life."
"Happy is the one whom Allah makes the people happy with him so that he has a good reputation amongst them and he is loved and highly respected and regarded.  He is the one who only good is mentioned about him and which he is known only for good."
"The Happy Ones are those who in the last moments of life, Allah gives them a steadfast heart; a firm heart and a tongue that remembers Allah upon death.  For he is pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased with him."
Alhumdulillah.  I'm glad I kept listening.  We are given so many different messengers, stories, and good thoughts.  Let's not discard any of what comes our way until we stop and truly open our minds.  Maybe the very thing we are ready to be rid of is what would release us from a preconceived notion or a harmful practice.  Let's all commit to listen to a khotba on this Friday and on all the Fridays to come to hear words of wisdom however they may reach us.   

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Thankful Slave said...

Assalam aleikum Sis. Yosra, I like your blog, I did not know about Br Yusha EVANS, so we will listen more to his khutbahs,