Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mr. Boo Votes for President

Asalamu Alaykom,

I am welcoming a guest blogger today.  He has a first-person account of the voting process in Egypt.  He might actually be the youngest reporting about this historic event.  He's so young that he had to dictate (like a dictator actually) his observations.

With no further ado, here is my favorite first grader, Mr. Boo.

This is a story about Thursday, May 24, 2012.

I went to a school and first we were checking if the big papers had our names. We didn’t find it but we asked the geesh [army]. And they telled us we could get in. And then there was a man. He telled us, “Is your number 32?” First my dad, he said, “No” and then he said, “Yes.” Then that man told us, “You can get in.” And we went in the wrong room. The man told him, “This is the wrong room.”

And then we went in the room letter N. First, my dad checked if his number was in that paper. Then, it was. He did a check. Then he went where there was a private place with a table, a pen, and a paper. The paper had lots of people. My dad didn’t know which person could be the president.

He asked me, “Which person would you like to be president?”

Then he told me, “Shafik or another people?”

Then I told him, “Shafik!”

Then he made a check mark on Shafik. Then he folded the paper that he checked. Then he putted his finger in a jar of paint and then he goed to a place where it was a yucky smell. It smelled like something very bad. And he washed his finger.

And then we went to Tanti’s house. I didn’t know why. Then I knowed. He was just talking to Abu Zaki, “Which person did you pick president?”

Abu Zaki told him the man. He told him he was going to be a good man president. Then Shahad was going ishteri; like she was going to buy. She wanted to buy chipsy.

She told a girl, “Come to my house to eat chipsy.”

And then we went Geddu’s. He was talking about, “Which president did you pick?” He told Daddy the president.

And I was thirsty. I told him again and again and again and again. Even he told me, “No.” And then I told him again and again and again and again and again. He told me, “NO!” And then I told him, “I need to drink water.” He told me something but I didn’t know it. I told him again and again and again and then he told me, “Yes.”

I knocked on the door and Amu told me, “Do you know how to open the door with these keys?” I told him, “Yes.” Then I tried to open the door. I couldn’t open the door. It was too hard. He did it for me. Then I went where my house is. I told my mom, “Can you get me water?” She told me, “Yes.” Then she told me, “Can I write this on the computer?” I told her a long story what happened. It was very long. And then it was lunch time.

My dad said, “Inshahallah, when you are a big man, I will give you an ID and then you will see your number and pick the president.”

The End.

Don't sell your vote.

The conscience of every honest Egyptian
is the only way to save Egypt.


New Wife said...

SubhanAllah modern life in the eyes of a child!

I love that he remembered that the room was really smelly and he was so so thirsty mashaAllah

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom NW,

I couldn't go to the elections (Foreigner? No way!)so it was my chance to hear how it went.

Ya, it's funny about the stinky bathroom. Behavior scientists say that we remember smells more than any other sense. It is our earlier keen sense. We can tell our mothers by smell before we can tell them by sight (since our sight as babies isn't that developed right away).

I like how annoying he admits being about needing a drink of water. Yep! That's my kid! Why ask once when you can wear your parents down asking again and again and again and...well, you get the idea ;)

Thanks for commenting!