Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Temper Tantruming with Our Creator

Don't you love how children can stop the world with a scream?  They can abruptly leave the toy aisle of Target and shoot out into infinity and beyond.  Subhanallah!

The great thing is when it's NOT your child and you get to "Tut-Tut" over how awful someone else's kid is.

The worst things is when it IS your child and you have to put up with all the "Tut-Tutting" and deal with the little monster you've brought to the mall.  You love them but if there was a way to leave them (and come back once they've calmed down) then you sure would...but you can't.  You brought them into this world (and into the store) and you're committed to them, even as they thrash about in your arms.

In hindsight, we mothers can see what led to that moment.  Children can easily get too tired, too hungry and too overstimulated...maybe moms can too.  We can start rushing through the store and not pay attention to their needs.  We can forget how to distract them with another object or another objective. 

I'd like to say that temper tantruming stops but it doesn't. 

Admit it:  you've had a recent temper tantrum.  Now, that we're older we can blame it on PMS.  We can blame it on work.  We can blame it on other people.  We can even blame it on God.

Honestly?  We blame God for those things we can't have; same as a little child. 

"Why can't I get a man?"

Why can't I have a baby?" 

"Why does it hurt when I do this same painful thing again and again?"

If we are faithful, we call God to us and allow God to hold us.  We know we are irrational and we want to calm down...but not right away.  We have a little fight in us and we fight with Our Creator. 

"I know what's best for my life!  If only You would just play along!"

"I don't need all these rules!   There must be a way to live free and happy as I please!"

"When I compare my life to hers or his then it sure doesn't seem like You are being fair to me!"


Eventually, we sputter out of our sadness.  Our temper tantrum is done.  We are left embarrassed by how far we have gone away from goodness and Allah's Greatness. 

No, we can't have everything we want.  Somethings we want aren't good for us.  This American notion of, "Have it Your Way," is not a spiritual path to follow.  It's a trap.  We can't control our life any more than a little girl or a boy can make wise choices about what goes into the cart. 

Allah knows better because Allah SWT knows not just the moment we're in but all the moments of our life (and in fact, every moment of the Universe).  Allah knows each person we are to meet EVER.  Allah knows the roles we need to play and the jobs we need to work.  We have unknown talents, just like the ground can hide diamonds, which can only be mined through many days and weeks and sometimes years.

So, we can be Veruca Salt and scream, "I WANT IT NOW!" or we can be Charlie Bucket and follow the tour patiently until the end.  Naughty or nice?  Don't be a bad egg. 

Let's remind ourselves, and others we love, that during a spiritual temper tantrum, the best thing we can do is to remember Allah.  Remember to trust Allah's Knowledge.  Let Allah's Strength and Power hold us and calm us.  Inshahallah.  


Safiyah said...

MashaAllah, a beautiful reminder, coming at the right time :-)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Safiyah,

Alhumdulillah that I posted it when I did :)

If you gained from it, please consider passing it along to others.

Then you get some blessings from helping someone too!

khaki said...

Assalam-o-Alaikum Yosra...Mash'Allah..this is amazing..great words..i know this feeling..i've been dealing with this for a while now...but we fail to realize that we don't get the bigger picture, the whole picture and get impatient. Allah bless us all with inner peace, patience and tranquility..Amen

Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam Khaki,

Nice to hear from you :)

Thanks for telling me how you identify with this. Too often we feel ashamed to fall short. If we didn't miss the mark, then we'd be perfect and NOBODY is perfect, right? So we know that we all can improve.

It truly is about the bigger picture.

Ameen to your du'a.