Friday, April 13, 2012

No Luck for Muslims

Today is Friday the 13th.

People fear it because it's supposed to be bad luck.

Here is a good article about luck around the world.

Do you believe in luck?

I don't.

I'm Muslim.

Muslims don't fear numbers on the calendar. 

Muslims don't hold tight to four leaf clovers or rabbit's feet (which obviously weren't "good luck" for the rabbit).  We should not believe in anything which wards off evil---even if it is from the Arabic culture.

Remember that a lot of pre-Islamic culture remains within Muslim countries today.

It's kind of ridiculous and funny to think of good luck charms and bad luck days.

Take a look at these cartoons:  this one and this one too.  It's laughable really.

Today, on Friday the 13th let go of all those silly talismans and symbols.  Release the hold those man-made objects have on you.  Throw away anything which you ever felt gave you "luck".  Resist the temptation to put faith in magic or evil.

I fear only Allah.  That means that everything comes from Allah and that I humble myself before Him only.  Whatever I deem as, "good" comes from Allah and whatever I deem as, "bad" comes from Allah.  I need not classify it really.  I need only to say, "Alhumdulillah" in simple acceptance.

Today, I wish the Peace of Allah onto you.  I wish the Blessings of Allah onto you.  Isn't that better than wishing you, "Good luck"?  Let's take that out of list of idioms. 

And since it's Friday, let's watch a khotba together.  Here is Imam Khalid Yasin. 


MarieHarmony said...

I grew up in a family where luck, talismans and symbols are quite omnipresent. My grandma is passionate about them....I grew up with them but don't think I am attached to any of them, they are just part of my world.
There are so many traditions and cultures that use them on a daily basis.

PS - Could you tell me what is a Khotba?
Take care dear.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

Would that be your Irish grandma? We think of the Irish as being super superstitious.

I used to have lots of little statues in my house growing up and then later (before Islam). After Islam, I got rid of them all. I knew that they comforted me but I didn't want my comfort to come from a statue.

I know what you mean about embracing the smorgasborg of life but, for me, it didn't ground me. I was too airy fairy. Having made the choice to follow one path (which is actually the universal path for every belief in The One God) has made me a more centered person and more capable of withstanding what twists and turns life has. Long sentence....big thought.

"Khotba" is the Muslim sermon on Fridays. I've taken to listening to one on youtube each Friday to connect better to what is spiritually fulfilling. Try it! :)

Anisah said...

I never held much with luck, b4 I was Muslim, during, or after. What kind of statues did you have b4 you were Muslim, Yosra?

I found out that saying "masha'allah" is to protect from the evil eye, I guess one of those Arab traditions you mentioned.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom,

Luck is too nebulous isn't it? I'd rather put my stakes with hard work, good intentions and God's plan.

I had soooooooo many statues. I seemed to pick one up wherever I went. Some were souvenirs (like a little hedgehog from England). Some were collectibles like my Grandma's Hummels. Some were ones that I really treasured like the Beatrix Potter figurines. I also loved Nativity sets. I used them all around the house as comforting measures. I'm sure I did and after Islam I knew it was time to put my trust in God first and last. All the statues left.

Now, in Egypt, people keep giving us statues and I'm not sure what to do about it. I don't love them like I did but I know it's a danger for me.

"Mashallah" is actually very good to say when you hear a compliment. If the compliment is being said with some envy, then the reminder "From Allah" takes the ounus off. No, that is not OUR gift (of a pretty baby, a new couch, etc.) it is from Allah to us.

The evil eye is a real deal. I actually saw it in action once when I gave it without realizing it. I had been borrowing my mom's car during the time when I was carless (not I was on the freeway and saw a cute little white Toyota coupe tootling down the road ahead of me. I went into an almost trance of want while I stared at it. Yes, that car would be so nice to have. Just then the car went off the road and I snapped out of my envy. I realized that I had given the evil eye, astragferallah. It's possible! So, whenever I see something nice now I make sure to remember, "Mashahallah".

Thanks for asking and commenting.