Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Favorite TV Show

This is the extreme effort from Saudi media man...or maybe I should say "iman"... Ahmad Al Shugairi.

I watch him every Friday with Mr. Boo.  There is so much goodness in the program that I wanted to share it with you. 

No, you won't hear a lot of English.  Stay with it even though there aren't subtitles.

When you hear "Rasullulah" join with the others in the show to wish peace upon our Prophet.

The name of the show translates to “What Would You Do?” I love the opening of the show and how it illustrates that the times of the Prophet (pbuh) are not to be forgotten in modern days. We can remember him in our daily life; not just as a history lesson from long ago.

This particular show starts with an interview Ahmed Al Shugairi has with an actor popular in Egyptian dramas. He has played figures from Islamic history many times. The tender way the actor discusses his work, bringing to life the important men of Islam, is very touching.

Around 5:30 minutes into the show, is the hidden camera segment. This is a wonderful way to remind viewers how to stay connected with their faith in their every action. This time, the cameras are hidden at a buffet restaurant. The diners are allowed to eat as they like but are then given a hard time when they leave food on their plate. Why? Because food is a blessing and to disregard the food like it’s garbage is to disregard Allah’s blessings.

Watch and see what happens!

Around 12:30, there is some English as he approaches a Western woman. See how she has done with the challenge. See how he talks to her. Learn exactly the way we need to reach out to others.

Go to Ahmed Al Shugairi’s youtube channel to see more. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the hidden camera.

What would you do...

if there was an apple on the supermarket’s floor?

if there was a water faucet running in the bathroom?

if someone was taking a long time at the ATM?

if a child was ahead of you in line at the little convenience store?

if there was garbage on the way to the cave where the Angel Gabriel first brought the Quran?

Last night, on MBC3, there was a really surprising one. What would you do if the elevator operator showed you a new sign that said you must say, “Asalamu Alaykom” upon entering the elevator?

Now, some men didn’t need to see the sign, as they said the Muslim greeting right away. There actually was a man who HIT the elevator operator when he was reminded, by being shown the sign, to greet other Muslims. Astragferallah. I love how Ahmed Al Shugairi brings a calm sensibility to the participants and gets them to see inside themselves better than before.

May Allah be pleased with our brother Ahmed. May the programs he helps produce be acceptable and seen by others so that they too can improve their knowledge and their actions.

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