Thursday, March 1, 2012

Important Meeting

  I tried to write about praying on time before...

and some were not amused.

Did I not understand how to reach you?

Did you not understand what I meant?

Maybe a little of both.

Neither writer nor reader are to blame.  We were both striving to understand and to be understood.

I'm going to try it again.

No, I'm not just going to shout PRAY ON TIME!

Because frankly, shouting hurts my throat and hurts your ears.  I'd rather find a clever way to present the subject.  Inshahallah, I'll do my best and if you would be so nice as to humor me and play along.

Right now, I want you to think of the five people currently living you would most like to meet.

Don't be like the people of Thamud and ask a million qualifying questions.  Keep it simple.






Name them in your head or write them down.  If you want, you can even list them in the comment section.

I'll tell you mine:

1.  Yusuf Islam (Former Pop Star Cat Stevens and Muslim Revert)

2.  Queen Elizabeth (Reigning Monarch of England)

3.  Jimmy Carter (Former U.S. President and Humanitarian)

4.  Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of "Eat, Pray, Love")

5.  Sheik Mohamed Jebril (Egyptian Reciter of Quran)

Quibble if you will with my list, I'm sure you can get a sense of the immense power those people wield.  They are special.  If I could meet one-on-one with any of them you'd better believe I would be super excited.  If you look over your list, I bet you have that same feeling with your five. 

In getting ready, I would think about being very well-groomed to the point of being fastidious.  I would be thinking of washing up, dressing for success, and brushing teeth for that million dollar smile. 

However, I wouldn't just care about my looks.  I would care about being focused on the meeting itself.  I wouldn't want to be distracted by any other person that day.  Every other problem I had before would melt away because I had the chance of a lifetime to meet someone so great.

The appointment time for me to arrive would actually be a window of opportunity.  Each one of my top five people would be waiting for me for a couple of hours.  I could come right away or keep them waiting.  That part would be left to my discretion. 

But seriously..why would I want to keep them waiting?  If I had such an amazing chance, who or what would be more important?  No one and nothing would get in my way of being on time.  Right? 


Of course.

What were we talking about?  Oh, yes...praying on time.  So we are given five chances each day to meet with God.


Who is more important:  God or God's creation?  Astragferallah, for the times we value God's creation above the Creator.  We realize how exciting and special it would be to meet with one of the people we treasure in this life while we forget the chance we have to be in God's presence every time we pray.

Do you get me?

We miss a chance to elevate ourselves from the Meccan idol worshippers of Jahaliyya to the immigrated believers of Medina.  We could be the motivating force in our own life.  We don't have to wait for an invitation; Allah is always welcoming us.


Allah Subhanah Wa Tallah wants to meet us; not a world leader, or a superstar or the author of a best-seller. Think how incredible that opportunity is and remind yourself that you've got five chances every day to go to a most important meeting.


Neeberz said...

SubhanAllah, this was a really nice post!

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Neeberz,

Glad you liked it and commented. Thanks for your voice.

MarieHarmony said...

Powerful Yosra! Love the way you presented it.
Thank you.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Marie,

It's not a good post until I hear from you :) Thank, dear, for your words. They always mean a lot to me.

Hope you are enjoying a blessed day.