Sunday, July 29, 2012

Captain Abu Treika

Asalamu Alaykom,

Watching the Olympic soccer match today between Egypt and New Zealand brought to mind how much life changes.  There was a time when the Captain of the Olympic team, Abu Treika, quit sports.

It wasn't too long ago.  It's been about six months since Egypt experienced the worst soccer violence ever.  People had come to watch a match between Abu Treika's team Al-Ahly and its rival Al-Masry.  Port Said's stadium that day contained both the best and the worst of people.  Unknowingly, innocent people had been trapped together with savages.  As we watched increduously on television that night, the scene spun out of control and into a wild frenzy.  Later we would realize the shocking truth:  over a thousand injured and 79 human lives lost.  Astragferallah.

This is what I wrote on February 3, 2012; two days after the violence.

As Egypt mourns, we learn the stories.

The young man who died

in the arms of Abu Treika

(Al Ahly's most valuable player) told him,

"Captain, I've been dying to meet you,

and now I know I'm going to die

because I met you.

Captain, tell my mom I said ..."

And Abu Treika told him

to say the shahada,

and he repeated it after him,

and the young man died.

Captain Abu Treika was then heard on television calling for help saying,  “The security forces left us, they did not protect us.  One fan has just died in the dressing room in front of me.

Abu Treika, 33, pictured above, has announced he has retired from soccer effective immediately.  He was considered one of Egypt's best players in history.

And now in July? 

Abu Treika is in London playing for Egypt.  Subhanallah!  The sun shines on him and he is back in full form.  Alhumdulillah.  We truly can suffer and recover.  What once seems helpless is temporary.  God never gives us more than we can endure.  Alhumdulillah he was not injured or killed.  Alhumdulillah that Abu Treika is continuing with his career.  Alhumdulillah we can see him and remember:

After hardship, verily there is ease.


Mona Z said...

So sad. This whole thing is just heartbreaking.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Mona Z,

I agree.

Inna wa llahi wa inna wa rajalun.

MarieHarmony said...

We were talking about this tragedy with my husband yesterday. It is so sad and terrible. My prayers are with the families who lost a loved one.

egyptchick7 said...

Thank you for telling me this story...Can you imagine all this happened while I am in Port Said?? I have been listening to news and family talking for hours on this subject and didn't understand anything....this is a sad and unfortunate story of this whole tragedy. Shows us the meaning of "Subhanallah"...Things here in Port Said are however much more peaceful and quiet than currently in Cairo. This football rage, although some people say stemmed from Port Saidi people, I very much disagree, they are a peaceful people as shown by the protests they carry out. Anyways, Yosra, I leave Friday, maybe one day iA I will see you...hope you are safe and well :)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom EgyptChick,

From the U.S. to Port Said and now you're going back again. I don't know what seems more crazy: all this violence or that you and I still know each other after all these years! It is really too bad not to connect in person but inshahallah we will some day.

You're are ABSOLUTELY right about the Port Said people. They are as much pawns in this deal as anyone. They didn't start this in motion. They were played and I have no idea exactly how and why and when it will all stop.

All of my family connections in Port Said are fine, alhumdulillah. I'm happy that you are fine too, EgyptChick. My prayers for a safe journey home...or is Egypt your home? Wherever you call home, may you return there in peace.

My love now and always goes with you.