Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maher Zain - For The Rest Of My Life

This is worth seeing. I realize that not everyone who reads my blog listens to music. That's OK. But I'm going to ask that you view this video without the sound. Why? Because this director, Lena Khan, (who not incidentally is a woman), puts together images of Muslim couples which are meaningful.

We, as Muslims, need this video to be part of the fabric of modern society. Yes, we are women who live and love just like other women. But we look for our love within the framework of halal; that which God allows for us.

When I see this beautiful video, I thank God that my life and my love are closer to halal than I've ever been before. Alhumdulillah.

If you are able to listen to the music, then you hear the simple clarity in the lyrics:

"I feel so blessed when I think of you

And I ask Allah to bless all we do

You’re my wife, and my friend and my strength

And I pray we’re together in Jannah"

Maher Zain is the singer.  I first heard him singing "For the Rest of My Life," and had to hear more.  Mashahallah.  There is a truth coming out from him which feels so calming and purifying. 
For those who live in Indonesia, here is the same song and video in Bahasa. Remember that Indonesia has a larger Muslim population than any where else in the world.  12 percent of the world's Muslims (or 209 million) call Indonesia their home.
To see more of Muslim life in Indonesia, view Maher Zain's video for Baraku Allahu Lakuma.  The song is in English but the visual images are of a wedding in Indonesia.  Culturally, it's fascinating!  Very beautiful bride, mashahallah.  Again, if you are against listening to music, you could just view the video with the sound off.  There is a lavishness to the proceedings which goes against the teachings of Islam.  There is mixed dancing.  I say this because it isn't the same level of sweet simplicity of the "For the Rest of My Life," video.  I can't recommend it 100%.
If you read about Maher Zain's story, you'll see that he's a "Born Muslim" of Lebanese descent.  From the age of eight, he grew up in Sweden. Unbelievably, mashahallah, he's got a degree in aeronautical engineering.  He got into music and spent time pursuing that in New York.  He only came to Islam once he had matured.  His journey shows us all that even those with a Muslim father need to find their own way.
Listen to his song, "Thank you, Allah," to understand more about his return to Islam.
"I was so far from you

Yet to me you were always so close

I wandered lost in the dark

I closed my eyes toward the signs

You put in my way

I walked everyday

Further and further away from you

Oh Allah, you brought me home....

I never thought about

All the things you have given to me

I never thanked you once

I was too proud to see the truth

And prostrate to you

Until I took the first step

And that’s when you opened the doors for me

Now Allah, I realized what I was missing

By being far from you...

Allah, I wanna thank You

I wanna thank you for all the things that you’ve done

You’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been lost

You guided me from all the ways that were wrong

And did you give me hope..."

There are a lot of people, stories, and videos.  Find the ones which lift you up.


rose water said...

Masha'Allah. Thank you for sharing this video! It brought tears to my eyes acutally :-) Because it's really what we (at least most of us) all dream about :-) And it felt so good to watch a halal video with no ugly surprises :-)

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Rose,

I'm really glad you liked it!

Yes, this video is special. I often hesitate sharing music because I don't want to offend but this one was too good to pass up.

You're right: it is really what women want. This kind of sweet togetherness in the video is indeed what we dream of.

Ya, for real that it's good all the way through. Inshahallah Maher Zain and the video's director Lena Khan will both do more inspiring work.

We Muslimahs would love more halal entertainment! Right, Girls?

Bonnie said...

I found this video 2 days ago and have watched it a zillion times since then.

When he gets out his prayer mat for his wife I cried lol

The look on his face when he puts away his kids toys I cried

The breakfast in bed, more crying.

I asked my fiancee this morning if he knew this song and he said 'of course I do, it's what I am planning to set our wedding photos to'

Reason one billion why I am marrying him

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Bonnie,

Wow! You and I found it the same day! How cool is THAT?! I saw it on TV---did you too?

Ya, it pulls at your heartstrings for real and I really credit the director Lena Khan for that. I contacted her today and I'd like to have an interview with her for this blog. There's a lot I'd like to ask her!

FIANCE??? Have you officially announced this? Mabrook. You are moving on and that is healthy. Make sure you are marrying the man and not his potential.

Very cool that he knows the song as well and likes it too.

One billion reasons???? Wow! Leave some yet to be discovered!

Still can't open your blog---no idea why! I wonder if you are blocked here.

Love you! Kisses to your little Boo.

Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom Anonymous Anti-Illuminati Reader,

I hear so much fear in your comment. This blog isn't about fear.

I listen to music. I'm listening to it now. This is a moderate Muslim blog. I am not squeezing the life out of my Islam. Instead, I am using my life for Islam.

Maher Zain has done some wonderful songs and videos for those of us who listen to music. You don't have to be one of them. You don't have to like him.

You did ask who is a good Muslim who makes music. Allahu Alim. I'm not sure who is really good because I can't see into hearts or minds. I can only look at the actions---not the intention.

I'm sure your efforts at speaking out against Zain Maher were with the best of intentions. I hear your concern. However, since I don't share it, I will not be posting it here. Feel free to post it somewhere else on the 'net or to write to Maher Zain directly.